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The secret to creating a life that you love is all in your head. It’s your imagination and will power. You can have anything you imagine if you also have the determination and focus to see it into reality.

My mother taught me that the world is clay and we are the sculptors that get to shape our destiny. I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of quality time with her before she passed a few months ago. I interviewed her during her last weeks. One of the questions I asked was: What do you regret most about not doing or accomplishing in this incarnation?

She answered, “That I couldn’t let love in and couldn’t give it to those that I felt the deepest for because I was afraid it would make me too vulnerable and I would get hurt because I was hurt as a child.”

Those words stuck with me. As a Hollywood therapist, it made me think of my clients that have divulged some of the same feelings but in different ways. What does this say about our society? In truth, love is all there is.

We have to be conscious of not just identifying with the small, insecure self inside us because when we do that we stay at a level that holds us back from our true selves, our Authentic Soul. If we’re not allowing ourselves to love and give we will not receive love or get. If you don’t feel loved, it is hard to manifest.

One of the main reasons we are afraid of giving love is being hurt, not being loved in return. We seem to carry our personal hurts and fears with us throughout our lives; we take them with us wherever we go. They are part of our tapestry. It’s how we deal with them that can either set us free or tie us down to a life filled with would-a, should-a, could-a, oughtt-a’s.

My a-ha moment came when I was carrying hepatitis C babies across a lice-filled swamp in 110 degree heat, in Phnom Phen, Cambodia and listening to the children’s deepest fears opened my heart in ways, unspeakable. After years of traveling for a cause, I got inspired to offer non-profit international retreats to help other people have a profound experience helping the needy around the world, without the debilitating cost. I wanted to offer people who haven’t had the experience of embracing a child who is homeless, hungry, and scared the opportunity to give unconditional love.

When you give unconditional love, you get much more than love in return. Live your life with that in mind and you will find a reservoir of happiness, inspiration, passion, and love waiting for you.

Princess Diana said, “I think the biggest disease the world suffers from in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved. I know that I can give love for a minute, a half-hour, for a day, for a month, I can give. I’m happy to do that. I want to do that.”

Not being loved, wanted or nurtured is a horrible feeling. I believe if we all gave a little more to others and focused less on ourselves, the world would be a much happier place.

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The founder of the Soul Blazing Sanctuary in Sherman Oaks, California, Lisa Haisha is recognized as one of Hollywood’s top therapists and humanitarians. Since 2007, Haisha’s monthly weekend and quarterly five-day workshops have been attended by leading Hollywood producers, screenwriters, A-list actors, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking transformation change in their personal and professional lives. Lisa Haisha’s international Soul Blazing retreats have also been held in Tanzania, Peru, and Costa Rica. Presently, she serves as a private counselor and coach to an inner circle of 6 top Hollywood stars.

In the past, Lisa Haisha has coached actors, writers, and directors engaged in such TV properties as "Entourage ," "Big Love," "Twin Peaks," "90210," "Party of Five," "Two and a Half Men," "ER," "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "CSI Miami," and the films "Pulp Fiction," "Batman," "Mr. Holland's Opus," "Courage Under Fire," "Never Been Kissed," and many others.

In the world of psychology, Haisha is known as the originator of Soul Blazing, a therapeutic method that combines established analytical approaches (Gestalt, Psychosynthesis, Jungian Analysis, Reality Therapy).

A columnist for The Huffington Post, Lisa Haisha’s published works also include Whispers from Children’s Hearts, a three-year work based on interviews with hundreds of children from across the world. Haisha’s book was the genesis for her and Hollywood director Lee Aronsohn's nonprofit organization, Whispers from Children’s Hearts Foundation, which provides therapeutic services and soul care to children in impoverished and war-torn countries.

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