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Wouldn’t it be fantastical if the words below were the most amazing words you would ever read and as soon as you read them, BAM! like magic – your life was changed forever? You would begin to attract abundant unconditional love, outrageous career success, incredible health and fitness, financial well-being, and the ability to accomplish your mission to help the world! You could create the best damn life you want and fulfill all your dreams!

Well actually, I have the words that will do just that! After 29 years of astonishing work, research, and experience in the metaphysical, psychological, and spiritual fields, I discovered the words – the bottom-line, miracle answer that will make everything you attempt work!

The problem with these words? They’re mine!

Other people’s words were never meant to make that kind of impact on your life! If they were, you would be able to create exactly what you wanted right after you read your first self-help book written by someone like Tony Robbins or the Dalai Lama, or heard your first inspirational words from anyone. In my 57 years of life experience, I’ve come to understand the sole purpose of our existence here on Earth is to experience ourselves. Period!

Let me state this next premise clearly-YOU ARE NOT HERE TO EXPERIENCE SOMEONE ELSE! You can experience yourself in a relationship with others, but you cannot substitute someone else’s existence for your own. That is why someone else’s words cannot create any miracles in your life. Only your own words can do that.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote an entire essay, “Self-Reliance”, dedicated to the precept that humans must honor their own voices in order to truly discover and experience all of who they are, including their connection to each other and a higher source. Through honoring your own voice, you will connect with your inner most sacred voice, your own guidance, and your special gifts that you can use to create the life you want.

Following someone else’s words serves to distract you from your own. In that way, you give up your life to experience another’s. Of course, read books, attend lectures, and pursue spiritual food, but not to find better words and truths than yours. Don’t even swallow mine! Read and listen to others’ words to help you wake up and hear your own words.

Until the words come from within you, and not from outside you, you will never own them, or experience your own greatness. When you hear words in your experiences that resonate from within, raise them to your consciousness. Apply them, practice them, experiment with them, and if they work for you, only then claim them as your own.

You are a magnificent being with the same divine inheritance, gifts, and rights as everyone else, and you are here to discover and experience all of you. The ONLY true miracle answer you need in order to fulfill all your dreams and create the life you want is to believe in yourself, your voice, your words. Nothing else matters.

In fact, nothing can truly matter to you in the world, until you matter to yourself. You cannot believe in anything else, until you believe in yourself. And so it is!

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Vincent Genna’s combination of extraordinary psychic abilities, academic credentials, and his authentic, charming delivery is why he has come to be known as a “Triple Power” Psychic Medium. As a Psychic Medium, Vincent uses his 35 years of training, research, and experience as a metaphysician, psychotherapist, and spiritual teacher to dive deep into the psyche, empowering clients to heal their issues of body, mind, and spirit.

Thousands of followers around the world have been inspired by Vincent’s warm and genuine keynote presentations on self-love and self-mastery, and also by his insightful interviews on major national and international radio and television shows

Vincent has trained with the world’s renowned Medium experts, including James Van Praagh, and England’s, Tony Stockwell at the Arthur Findlay Psychic Sciences College in England.

Recently, he has been communicating with distressed animals and provided healing for both the animals and their owners. Lion Television in the UK featured Vincent's animal communications. Vincent has even had the opportunity to communicate with Koko, the famous gorilla that learned sign language, before she passed. Koko informed Vincent about our distressed earth and where humankind originates.

Everyone who experiences a Vincent Genna event goes home enlightened and energized—emotionally empowered to unlock and release their passions and purpose, and possessing the key to fulfill all their dreams. You can read more about Vincent and watch some of his media interviews at

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