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Although I’ve had some amazing opportunities and successes in my life, I find it a bit presumptuous to say what wisdom I want to pass on to humanity. After all, I am a part of humanity and I am learning to do anything I suggest. However, a few lesson/challenges that guide me in my efforts include:

Live in the now and be yourself.

That is probably the most difficult thing in the world one can do. I have heard it said that it is easier to die for your country than to live authentically and genuinely for the truth and the greater good. It is our responsibility and blessing to live life fully and consciously, following our deepest yearnings, and to engage fully; to courageously acknowledge and face our fears, honestly address our hurts, take responsibility for our angers, tend to our sadness, and fully live our joys. That done, we are charged with helping others do the same.

Being authentically present to myself and others means I become increasingly aware of others and take responsibility for the results I generate—beyond excuses and rationalizations. Everything I have created in my life has been, and continues to be my choice. Am I willing to look at everything in my life as my own making and take responsibility for shifting it? That’s the invitation, and I can do it in every moment.

Work towards greater authenticity.

Anyone who tells you they are authentic is FOS (see my next point). Genuineness and authenticity are approximations. I am challenged to be more responsible and truthful in increasingly complex and demanding situations with more and increasingly diverse people, leading me to embrace incrementally more of my humanity.

Admit that you are Full of S**T (FOS).

We are all programmed. We are just afraid to admit it. I love to catch myself (and yes, others) in our own stuff. We make up so much garbage and fall in love with it—why we do things, our explanations, what motivates us, our excuses. We are just full of it. We may say that we are limitless beings, but to really step beyond those limits is terrifying and turns us inside out if we are really stretching.

Everything in the world is feedback.

Literally. No matter how things go, there is always something to learn and I am responsible. Like it or not, I am always being mirrored and can choose to look in the mirror, take responsibility, and adjust in response to what I see, or blame the mirror.

Learn, grow, and transform.

To me, that’s what life’s about. It’s about consciousness and waking up. And if I am conscious then every moment holds an opportunity for me to learn something I didn’t know before, to grow-to do something I haven’t done, and ultimately to transform, to create a system in my life of constant learning and growing to the point that I transform to the next level of who I could become.

Accept the Divine.

Moving beyond blame, experiencing, consciously living, and expressing love is the ultimate challenge. To me, this is what it means to accept the Divine. Too often people think of the Divine as something separate from ourselves, a separate time we dedicate or thing we do or idea to connect with.

To me, learning to live consciously, to take responsibility for our lives, to stop blaming circumstances, things, or others for our lives and to engage fully, that is divine. To me, that is the highest spiritual mission, to understand that my living the most conscious life I possibly can, that is accepting the divine into my life.

The great thing with this approach is that every moment holds the possibility to move my spiritual mission forward. You could do it in the very next interaction you have with someone—tell a deeper truth, be more vulnerable, challenge someone, challenge yourself. In the very next moment this opportunity for the divine is right there. It’s simply a matter of shifting your mindset to embrace every experience you have as an opportunity for consciousness and divinity.

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Dr. Bob Wright is an internationally recognized visionary, educator, program developer, speaker, entrepreneur, consultant, executive coach, and bestselling author, whose books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies globally. Recognized as a top executive coach by Crain’s Business, he has helped thousands of people across the country transform their careers, relationships, and lives.

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