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The Five Steps Of Faith

I would like to share The Five Steps of Faith, which have helped me live life as an awakened, powerful woman.

For 25 years I suffered from low self-esteem, addiction to alcohol and failed relationships. I was so tied to painful and embarrassing moments that suffering became part of my identity. Every day I woke up consumed with fear, guilt and anxiety over how I would face the future. I had no idea that there was a choice available to me about how I could feel. I was living in a dark hole and I did not know how to get out.

One day I realized that I could not pick up another drink or I would probably die in the near future. After a few months of sobriety, I started regularly praying or meditating. Before long, I was writing. After each period of silence and prayer, the most amazing messages came to me! The first one I received told me that I would be fine and have an amazing life. I had lessons to learn and when I mastered my lessons, I would need to go and teach others what I had learned.

Now, 23 years later, I am still meditating and writing down the messages I get. I have since called them “Soul Notes”. They are definitely a communication from a higher consciousness. These beautiful messages have instructed me to teach The Five Steps of Faith to women in need. I know that this is the greatest lesson I have learned in my life, which I now share with you. This remarkable formula is the foundation for personal transformation.

  1. Focus: Go within yourself daily and tap into the divine consciousness that you have through prayer or meditation.
  2. Acceptance: If you can accept what has happened in your life, you free yourself from the past which no longer serves you. You are then able to develop a new attitude that will empower you in the present.
  3. Intentions: When you set an intention, it has soul behind it rather than “wishing” for something to happen. You must identify what those intentions are.
  4. Thoughts: It has been discussed in detail in many works, the power of your thoughts. Since you can only hold one thought at a time, why not make it a good one?
  5. Healing and Helping: Once you begin to heal, to hold on to that power you must now turn and give it away to others. Teach them what you have learned.

Having studied these steps for some time now, I realize that no matter whom you look to as a luminary in the self-help arena, their work is somehow reflected in these steps. They are so simple and easy to do as well as tremendously effective.

If you commit to doing this simple but powerful process, you can transform your life, become the deliberate creator of everything you want. Suddenly, you have a vision and a passion for what you want to do. The fear that held you back dissolves and a new self -knowingness emerges. Faith has given you an affirmative mental approach to create your reality. You are able to become an awakened human being.

Mal Duane

Mal Duane has triumphed over devastating life challenges to become an Alpha Chick extraordinaire. Today she serves clients through the multi-million dollar real estate company that she built from scratch. She has a dream marriage, and, as a Certified Professional Recovery Coach, is deeply involved with helping women discover and use their connection with the divine power within them to become their own version of an Alpha Chick.

Her life experience, including recovering from a decades-long struggle with alcoholism, has provided her with extensive hands-on, in the trenches experience for taking hold of a life and bringing forward the potential that lies buried beneath the scars and hurts. She generously shares what she has learned at every opportunity. She strongly believes in educating women which is why she has created Holly's Gift, a foundation which will receive proceeds from the sale of each book. She has already built a school in Konjila, West Africa that educates a hundred students annually.

Mal lives with her husband, Dr. Michael Pearlman (also known as Dr. Delicious) and their English Jack Russell Terrier, Hannah, in Framingham Massachusetts, where she works, writes, speaks, and supports women in being the best they can be. 

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