No matter who you are or where you come from, you are human. Humans are the only creatures with the ability to create love. For that reason, you have the ability to create love. True love is unconditional and does not have levels or distinctions: otherwise, it’s not true, it is not love.

Unless we learn to create love constantly and make it our highest priority, humanity will not survive for long. It would be a shame that our species do not survive to see the highest evolution of our minds. The same way that we now know that the earth is round, we will know who we really are if we live long enough to see. The world dominated by the conceptual mind is not working. The conceptual mind is a tool but we cannot live from concepts, we can only live from love. The same way insects communicate their parts of work in groups, humans can work harmonized by love when a group has love as priority.

Love unfortunately is neither what I was told nor what you think. It is not at all. I just discovered love, true love, in 2007 after meditating 13 hours a day for 4 months. And I learned something else: you do not need to do that! That was just how I am able to come to you now and tell you that Love is who you are. It is not a substance; it is not a feeling or emotion. It is who you are.

To create love, the only thing you have to do is to make your own self the highest priority, so high that nothing can even get close to it. Then take control of your conceptual mind and use your creativity to share who you are. To express your true nature. Then, just continue living your life the way you are living it. You do not need to change anything. Changes will happen automatically.

To the most separated people in this planet, I want to say that I love them. Not because I know who they are, but because I know who I am and we are the same. To the people that create war, I want to tell them to keep fighting, but change the priority. No matter how much you make by killing, I love you. Not because of what you do, but because of what I do. We want essentially the same thing, to be happy. To the saintly and the demonic, I love you the same because we are the same!

I invite you to find love, which means find yourself no matter what. STOP right now and find the most peaceful experience now, the silence now. Keep doing it until peace and silence becomes a pattern where your attention wants to go. Nobody will know, nobody will see. It is a commitment to yourself and the only way of true happiness.

I am here to tell you that living this way is amazing. Do it now!

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Mauricio is a Life Coach, a yoga teacher, meditation instructor and a mind fitness trainer since 2005. He has two post-degree certificates (small business and HR). He is a well-rounded coach who can also help individuals in career and business planning.

His story started when he was working in his own company dedicated to build houses and roads in Mexico. Life was given to him easy and with a promising future. Happiness was not there: on the contrary, there was stress!

Mauricio was trained in a retreat for 6 months with monks in 2004. Then he gained a diploma from the Yoga Vedanta Forest and the Sivananda Center in 2007. The title given to him is Yoga Siromani (jewel of the crown of yoga).

The same way that a fitness trainer helps you to gain muscle strength to shape the body to a healthier way, Mauricio helps trainees to gain mental strength in the attention to gain control over where the attention goes. This way, the mind gets shaped in a healthier way. Mind fitness is extremely easy and 100% mechanic. That is why it works for everybody. In one session, your life will never be the same!

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  1. I love you Mauricio,because I found true love,and that was about 3 years ago. Like you,I did the inside view,and found it there. Life just changed automatically for me.As I wake up every day,I meditate,and see who I am that morning,and decide if I want to share it with the world.I do. I dont care where you come from,what planet your from,I love you,because I love me.
    Thank you Mauricio for your love.

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