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The world and all the earth’s people are at a crossroads in time. This is the time to take a look and see the path that is desired.

Life is being talked about in many avenues and by many amazing people. There is so much talk about this in an effort to enlighten the importance of each human being. Humans are the most beautiful creatures there are on this planet with the will and intelligence to make this world all that it has always been meant to be.

The human spirit is unstoppable when it is on the path intended for that soul. We have always been meant to help each other, serve each other, be a part of each other, gather together, and live fully together. It is not about getting more than another but instead living the life meant for each.

In fact, no one can live another person’s life. It will not be fulfilling to copy another or doing anything that does not resonate inside.

Each human has dreams about what brings joy. This is the place that starts the path meant for that person. But this is not enough. There needs to be a plan, goals set, and the actions taken to get there. This is also true for the world. What is the vision for this planet that is our home? How do people really wish to be?

I have noticed, as I take a look and meet different people, no matter what the culture, race, customs, or location, there is an inner place (soul) that is the same for all. A place inside that wants to have a land, no matter where on the planet, that is beautiful, a place that is called home, friends that care, family that is important and want to meet and be a part of others.

There is a hope that people are as amazing as believed and often seen as people uplift others. There is a want for the strife that has sometimes happened throughout the ages to come to an end.

The power has always and still does lie in the many people of this earth. Humans have the ability to decide which dreams will be realized, which dreams are worthwhile, and the ability to decipher the passions in each.

We have always been meant to take care of this world, our home, we have been meant to help each other, to have communities, to inspire each other, to congratulate each other along the way, to have hope, to solve problems, and to come together to live the lives wanted.

This is the time to come together and to work towards the world we can be completely proud of, a world where we take care of each other, a place in the universe where gratitude abounds, where dreams for any individual do come true, and where humans are celebrated. A place that is so full of beauty we are determined to have it and keep it that way – together. We are at a crossroads.

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Liz Cosline is a Life Ownership Coach – certified. Liz was in business for over 22 years in business managementm receiving several awards for team building. She has books, articles, and poetry published about life challenges, team building techniques, and reaching personal goals. Liz has worked in different industries including police, transportation, and health care.

She now coaches people and teams to the success of goals and dreams with a program that has 30 years of research behind it. She also speaks different venues regarding the possibilities that each human possesses with anything possible as human come together talking about life.

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  1. Your unstoppable human spirit reminded me of what I just read about a friend’s sister in law who needs prayers. Hope you will send some to Mindy see and

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