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As I was contemplating words of wisdom to bestow, I began to think about what I have done in life that consistently made me feel good about myself and what I have done to make others feel whole.

Forgiveness was the constant.

It isn’t necessary to explain the reasons or go over the situation, because that just brings up the past and everyone’s perception of the event. Without discussions or arguments, it’s powerful enough to just say it and mean it and accept it.

Pride can be such a roadblock that it’s difficult to move forward in relationships and life in general. At some point, paths you might have taken in a relationship or life become blocked by hurt feelings or by the knowledge that you have hurt someone.

It takes courage and humility to give or get closure due to hurt feelings, but once acknowledged and acted upon, it gives one freedom to move forward and opens paths that were once closed. It gives joy and acknowledgement to you and the person you say it to.

Forgiveness is a gift to the person and to you.

It frees the mind and body to move forward without being hampered by negative energy. This gift is free and freeing and can change a person or situation positively. It takes courage to give and to accept forgiveness. Give yourself and someone else that special gift today. You will thank yourself for it and free yourself from the ties that bind.

Whether your apology is accepted when you give it is not as important as giving it. It will be up to the other person to free themselves. Giving it will also give you the freedom of not carrying the negativity surrounding the guilt, ill feelings and stress it brings to your life. Stress has been shown to be a precursor to some illnesses.

I have personally witnessed how special forgiveness can be. Being a nurse, I have seen patients and their families at bedside and seen families torn due to “injustices” suffered in their pasts without closure. Family members would visit on opposite days or different times just to avoid each other. The patient suffered during this illness because of wanting their family reunited before they passed.

Unfortunately, some were not present during their loved ones’ last hours, which added to the pain the patient was experiencing. Fortunately, I have also witnessed families torn apart by years of feuding come together at the end. It was a wonderful experience and the many years ahead could be lived without unnecessary pain and guilt.

Free yourself of negativity by forgiving someone, even yourself, and use that energy for living better in health and wellness. It works and it’s free.

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Cheryln has worked as a psychiatric nurse for over fifteen years and a biofeedback therapist for twenty. She has taught biofeedback at the Wellness Center for cancer patients and survivors in Redondo Beach, California, and is now in private practice in Century City, California.

Her company, Transform for Your Health, specializes in the mind-body connection, with a focus on stress and pain management.

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  1. THANK you Cherlyn for sharing your gift of insight…yes the dying (which is our common destiny…) know what is truly important as they try to sort out what is really real as they move on…we can embrace what they teach us, forgive and re-establish our connection to each other if we have the courage and willingness to honor their wisdom and love…

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