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I have lived a journey of gaining knowledge, understanding, and I have learned a series of lessons. I would like to pass along ten of these lessons:

  1. Know Thyself: This has been a significant lesson for me and a definite attraction for others who seek to see me. Seek to see your true self, take off your mask or veil, get rid of the noise and bring clarity, as you align your dimensions and vibrate as one.
  2. Avoid herd mentality: Much of the fear many experience as a group is captured from others around. Many feel they won’t be able to achieve a certain goal when others tell them this goal is impossible. Others will move together as if the world was coming to an end rather than looking inside and finding the strength within. Having that direct contact with our inner strength is of essence to follow our own knowledge rather than allowing others to guide us through the wrong path.
  3. Look for ways in which you can share your wealth of knowledge, experience, and improvement: In this competitive world, many think they win by getting their “opponents” out of the race. Instead, those of us who can bring a unique talent to the world will find ways to complement with others’ talent and thus bring the best of minds and efforts together as a group.
  4. Create ways in which you can make a pie larger so that more people can share the wealth: While many people feel greedy about sharing their success and think of the small pile of wealth they have accumulated, those who come together to create ways in which this wealth can be expanded are the true winners.
  5. Look at what fills the glass and not what is lacking: Take a moment to be grateful for what you have on a daily basis. Look at void not as lack but as space that can be filled with wonderful things that you can bring to the world.
  6. Value each person for who they are and help them find that one talent that only they bring to the world: Rather than looking for what everyone around you “is not,” appreciate their gift to the world for who they are. Find in them that unique characteristic that makes them only one of its kind.
  7. Realize that you are the same as everybody else living in this world, a needed particle of the greater cosmos and, at the same time, a distinctive contributor that shares talent in making this a better place.
  8. Raise your children to be happy: While all parents struggle to give their kids all the tools to succeed in life, many forget that being too busy and winning too many trophies will not necessarily bring happiness to someone’s life. Guide your children to find their own passion and help them express their enthusiasm and share it with the world.
  9. Measure success by your degree of happiness: Avoid the seduction of falling in the trap of measuring your success by others’ measures. As long as you use your own happiness and the happiness of those around you as your barometer you will know you are on the right path.
  10. Enjoy every moment of your life, appreciating others existence as the most precious gift of all. Become aware of your lessons learned. Share the light and love and JOY of connecting with ALL.
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Dr. Gaby Cora works with people and companies that want to be healthy while they become wealthy. Dr. Cora is a wellness coach, working with corporate warriors and entrepreneurs, and a corporate consultant assisting organizations in the full range of critical situations to wellness in the workplace. A renaissance woman, she is a medical doctor with a master's in business administration, keynote speaker, spouse and mother of two young adults. In her early forties, she has two decades of experience. She consults and has given presentations for start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and international organizations in the United States and internationally. Dr. Cora sits on the Board of Directors of the American Psychiatric Foundation and she's a member of the Women Presidents' Organization. She has been interviewed by CNN, FOX, New York Times, Forbes, and Business Week. She is president and founder of the Executive Health & Wealth Institute and managing partner of the Florida Neuroscience Center.

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