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You have something special to share with the world. It’s up to you to figure out what that is and to share it with as many people as you can! If you don’t know what that is yet, take a look at the people you admire and the people you admire. Think about what it is they are being, doing, or having that you wish for yourself and go after those things in your own life.

You must do this, even if it scares you, because you are here to help. Each one of us is here to realize our connection with others and our world through service and compassion. If you hold the intention to serve in your heart, you’ll be astounded by the doors that open for you.

Make a list of your fears, and face them one by one. Start with baby steps and move from there. Before you know it you’ll not only conquer your fears but you will have transformed into the person you were always meant to become.

Speaking of that person, strive to be your most authentic self in each and every moment. Say what’s on your mind and tell others how you feel, even when it feels uncomfortable to do so because you may never have that chance again. Only by making yourself vulnerable will you be able to know the depth of connection with others that is possible.

Show the world what makes you uniquely YOU, whether it’s your love of crazy hair colors, dry sense of humor, or penchant for skipping down sidewalks. If you stop worrying about how others might judge you and start being yourself, opinions be damned, you’ll be surprised by how warmly you’re received. If trauma, societal expectations, or stress have severed your connection to your true self, recall your earliest memories. Allow child-you to lead you back to your essence.

While you’re doing all of these things, most importantly, be present. The time to wake up and begin consciously living your life is NOW. Within you lies the power to slow the passage of time. Life contains an infinite number of moments; the trick is simply to notice them.

When you’re speaking with another person, look into their eyes and give them the gift of your full attention. Accept each person, moment, and situation just as it is. By releasing expectations, you unlock the chains of dissatisfaction and grant yourself the freedom to be happy.

When your mind wanders from the present moment, gently coax it back by focusing on your breath. Training attention is no different than training a muscle. With continued practice, you can begin to consciously choose your responses to people and situations rather than reacting to them. And this, my friend, is when you finally begin to LIVE. Don’t go back to sleep..

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After 11 years in corporate America, Katy Allred was inspired to create her alter-ego, the "mostly mindful mommy". The birth of her daughter in 2013 ignited a passion for helping children gain the same understandings and tools for growth that she found through her meditation practice but at an earlier age.

As a Certified Meditation Facilitator for Children, she holds group meditation classes for children where her favorite part is hearing the children share their innate wisdom and guiding them to cultivate it further. Her intensive study of meditation over the past 8 years informs her work as a mother, speaker, blogger, and workshop facilitator.

She offers coaching to parents and families both locally and from anywhere using Skype to assists families in deepening their connections using mindfulness techniques. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with her husband and 18-month-old daughter where she enjoys frolicking outdoors with her family, snowboarding, and dancing her heart out anywhere at anytime.

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  1. I love Katy’s practical and down to earth advice! This really resonated with me, “When you’re speaking with another person, look into their eyes and give them the gift of your full attention. Accept each person, moment, and situation just as it is. By releasing expectations, you unlock the chains of dissatisfaction and grant yourself the freedom to be happy.” Being in the moment with another soul is a gift for both parties. Thank you Katy for the inspiration and encouragement! What a great way to start off my weekend!

  2. Thank you, Lisa! I love hearing exactly which parts of my writing resonate with people, because it’s always so different based upon our past experiences and current situation. Wishing you a more present and connected weekend! * & ♥

  3. Katy shares herself with the world every day, in a very authentic real way. She has taught me to be more present with her and Sophie. Take a few minutes today and think about how you can be there for the ones you love too!

  4. Katy is a beautiful soul, who shares from her heart and inspires us to reach within and find our inner self. Being mindful and taking the time to breathe is so important in our fast-paced lives. Thank you Katy for sharing your spirit with us and continuing to inspire us every day!! Namaste 🙂

  5. Katy has been an inspiration to me from birth..I was blessed to have the opportunity to experience the world through her eyes a

    s she grew, and being allowed the same with Sophie has kept me always delighting in the world around me. You’re so right Katy, don’t let go of the child within you, its what makes each of us unique and keeps us moving forward.

  6. Well said, thank you for sharing, I totally agree with needing to stay present to the moment, and to honor all of our connections. We never know why we are lead to cross each others path. Also I want to take this moment to thank you for your beautiful work with children. It is so easy for them to forget who they are without having a bright light reminding them. Keep shinning!!

  7. Very insightful words, Katy. Watching children, who are so vulnerable, learn about and enjoy even the smallest things we take for granted is always a reminder to treasure each tiny moment and thing, as a child does. It is often when we find ourselves at our most vulnerable that we truly connect, heart to heart and with the honesty that peeling away any facades brings, with others in our lives and the world around us. Thank you for your inspiring words.

  8. I love that thought that “within you lies the ability to slow down the passage of time”. We all act like we’re a victim of time, but time is what we make of it. Adding 10 minutes a day of meditation has really helped me be able to pull back and appreciate the moment and the passage of time.

    1. Absolutely, elevatemobilefitness! I even find myself falling into the trap of thinking I don’t have 5-10 minutes to sit each day, and every single time I do, it’s always made my day feel LONGER and more productive, never shorter!

  9. Is it synchronicity that I’m reading you here, of course not it’s LOA. I just started reading the book by Thich Nhat Hanh; Peace of Mind: Becoming Fully Aware and the main practice into meditation revolves around breathing and connecting with your body as it translates into you being part of everything on earth as well as in the cosmos. So if you, Katy Allred, or any of the readers want to learn about meditation or delve more deeply into your practice of such it is a great book of wisdom and one that I think you will learn and even incorporate it into your daily practice.

    Have a great weekend to all and grace is looking for you if you but become aware to it,
    Michael A. Stilinovich

  10. Thank you for your wisdom words. Yes, we should not expect a thing and accept the person, moment just as it is.

  11. Thank You extremely. Having my niche with the illusive Umbrella chakra and how its time by eternity nature leave the eternity as a codomain until time looses its continuation, this keeps reality subtle for quite a patient interim. Yet, in incorporating all that we must when reminded “spiritually” be doing, we are staying busy. Seeing this to be a path to alleviate depletion I think it needs comprehension of the Soul.

  12. Way to convert timelessness and essence into words!!! Wonderful read! Touched my soul!

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