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On our deathbed, it really won’t matter how successful we were, how many awards we won or how many deals we closed. We won’t regret buying “that house” or “that car” or “that new gadget.”

We won’t long for anything other than more TIME.

Time to spend with the special people who touched our lives: our friends, our significant others, our parents, our children. Time to love, to laugh, to hug, to kiss, to cherish, to encourage, to teach lessons, to learn, to pray, to praise, to hold… time for things that no currency could ever buy.

Knowing that, as Benjamin Franklin once said: “Lost time is never found”, NOW is when we must find time. “Someday” we won’t be able to get it back.

I’ve been fortunate to have had multiple near-death experiences. They were rather scary and painful, but they each taught me to see life as a miracle and to realize that the best things in life aren’t indeed things.

Family is the central organization of society and eternity. Our family and the lifelong memories we create with them…that is what really matters!

Motherhood has taught me that it doesn’t matter how much you spend on someone, they care how much time you spend with them. Quality AND Quantity Time with those we love are extremely important for human development and happiness.

In a fast-moving world, almost at a frenetic pace; between chores, work, and overwhelm, time seems like a precious commodity that often eludes us. Put stress on hold and LIVE. It will faithfully wait for us to pick up where we left off.

Time with our family is the greatest gift we can give them… and ourselves:

  1. We build stronger stronger bonds with each other and create an increased sense of worth individually.
  2. We can instill our core values and principles for children to model, and teach life lessons they can learn from. I can guarantee you will learn a lot, too! My daughters are my most influential teachers.
  3. We lay a foundation for a stronger family unit. A family that eats, prays and loves together stays together.

Spending time with our loved ones, especially with our children, is a matter of setting this rewarding practice as a high priority. Affection and appreciation shouldn’t be saved like fine china. Love spells T-I-M-E and we must put it to use every day of every week, not just on holidays and “special” occasions.

Promise yourself you will give the gift of presence to your children, to your loved ones. Carve that undivided one-on-one time out of your busy schedule. No distractions. You will be thankful for those memories, traditions and routines.

People say of my children “enjoy them now…they’ll be gone before you know it!” I know that to be true of everyone I know and love. Let’s make today “someday”. Let’s make time to engage and connect with our biggest gift on earth: our family.

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Elayna Fernandez is a proud mom, author, speaker and founder of The Positive Mom Foundation, a non-profit organization with the purpose of strengthening families and communities worldwide.

An award-winning Digital Branding and Marketing Trainer and Strategist, Elayna is considered one of the leading international online visibility experts, trusted by some of the World's most successful leaders. Elayna is best known for creating powerful brands and marketing strategies to facilitate business growth.

Elayna believes that personal development and intentional loving partnerships are essential in the guided path to one's happiness and success. Her philosophy: Be Positive and You Will Be Powerful! 

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