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Identify what you want, what you want achieve, and what your dream is.

Not just any dream, identify your burning desire; the one dream you may or may not think is attainable. The one dream that no matter what someone says or does, no matter what obstacle is placed in front of you, and no matter how long it takes, you will achieve. Identify the one dream you MUST achieve for you!

We all have one, some of us have two, and others have many… Identify one.

And then do whatever it takes to achieve it! Whatever it takes, go back to school, borrow money, ask for help, beg your friends to support you, fail, fail again, and fail twenty more times. Just keep going, keep going after your dream. Remember this is the one dream you identified! This is what makes you…. You!

And no matter what happens, no matter how long it takes, it’s worth it, because this is your one dream!

And once achieved, once you have completed your journey, look around… Enjoy the moment; think about what it took for you to get here… Was it one hour, one day, one year, or your entire lifetime? How many people helped you? How many people did you inspire along the way? The amount of time is irrelevant, you have done it, you have achieved your burning desire, the one dream you really wanted to go for. It’s an amazing moment, you feel complete, elated, full of life!

Now what? You don’t have to stay. You can make a change, you can identify another dream, and you can do it again. The choice is yours… Of course the choice was always yours. The choice to identify your dream, the choice to ignore any blocks along the way, the choice to keep going for it, and the choice to enjoy the moment when you realized you had achieved your dream!

If today was my last day on earth the most important thing I would want you to know, the last whisper from my lips, the last sound of my voice, I would stop, and pull all of my energy, everything I had left, and as loud as I could, as strong as my voice would allow, I would you tell you to follow your dreams!

So here we are at the end of today’s brilliance. Will you take a moment with me? Will you think about where you are at in your life and where you want to be? What is your dream? What is your burning desire? What do you want to achieve? Identify, decide, achieve, enjoy, and do it again.

Every single one us can live our dreams! The choice has always been ours! I choose to live as if I am in a dream! Join me!

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Alan Underkofler is a Passionate Entrepreneur, Social Media Strategist, Speaker, and Professional Network Marketer.

Alan has specialized in Sales and Marketing for the last 15 years. He has worked with some of the largest retailers and entertainment companies in the country. He has experience in all forms of advertising (from print to television) and has worked with all budget sizes. Known for his creativity, Alan has implemented highly successful national advertising campaigns and rollouts for many of the highest grossing theatrical films to date.

Alan is also an Entrepreneur and enjoys the experience of starting new companies and business ventures. His last partnership was a dynamic promotional advertising firm where he worked with both small startups and Fortune 100 companies.

As a Professional Network Marketer Alan is in the top 1% of his company SendOutCards, he is a featured speaker on both building a successful Network Marketing business and using Social Media tools to grow your business. Alan has trained thousands of Network Marketers to take their business to the next level. SendOutCards is an amazing follow up tool for sales professionals and business owners to help them attract more business and increase their referrals, and of course it’s an amazing business opportunity. Alan is also the Founder of Follow Up Success where he writes about follow up strategies at .

Alan started another partnership to launch Square Martini Media, a Social Media Consultancy which focuses on creating Social Media strategies for forward thinking companies. Alan often speaks on Social Media topics that include, twitter, facebook, Linkedin, and blogging . Alan has been the feature speaker at Social Media seminars, universities, and business associations. He has written countless articles on Social Media as well as been a featured guest on many radio shows. He now enjoys working with all types of companies from around the world creating and implementing Social Media plans to target both consumers and business customers.

Alan is extremely passionate and thoroughly enjoys what he does which clearly shows when you have the opportunity to work with him.

For more information, please visit

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