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Did you know that curiosity creates opportunity and solutions? It is true that when you are curious, you cannot be afraid or negative. You literally disengage from limited thinking by engaging a curious mind.

Ask yourself – how curious am I? When faced with a conflict, or problem, financial, emotional, or health – do you get curious or do you react with fear? When you replace concerns and fears with curiosity, something physical happens in your brain – you re-engage your open potential where there is a solution to every problem and condition.

You have a magnificent brain with different levels of brain waves that reflect different states of consciousness. In your ordinary daily thinking activity, your fastest brain wave – beta (logical thinking mind) – operates 90% of the time for a 1% return. Our beta mind thinks in duality of this or that, maybe, maybe not, and uncertainty. It also pulls from the past and projects to the future so it can only analyze old data – not much help there.

It is hard to find a solution or go in the right direction with conflicting thoughts based on past mistakes and experiences. Most folks try to think their way into a new solution and find it hard and difficult – often forcing a result that turns out badly.

Curiosity brings you into a state of your greater intelligence that you may not even know you have – your slower brain wave of theta that only operates in the now of a potential.

Being curious brings you into investigating possibilities without knowing an answer and simultaneously reduces your negative, concerned fearful emotions. This is powerful because now you have the space for something other than your fear to arrive.

Try it for yourself. Think of a fear or a problem, close your eyes and mentally say to yourself – I am curious – I am just curious about this situation. Notice how your mind quiets. Each time your fear arises repeat the process – I am curious.

Stay away from “trying for the solution for awhile” because if you are in fear, you don’t have it anyway. As you get curious, it arrives. Test it and see what happens.

I often say, “Living a natural easy life is your birthright – and all you have to do is give up everything you think you know in this moment to have it. Of course we laugh about that ridiculous notion – right! However you absolutely have a great intelligence within you waiting to arrive wherein you can live easily and naturally achieving all that you desire, solving any problem and doing it all in joy and satisfaction. Your birthright is waiting. I call this the next great adventure of your life – discovering the power of who you truly are. Join me on the journey.”

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Asara Lovejoy, author of The One Command, is a recognized authority on what is possible in our human potential, and an internationally acclaimed leader and educator in human consciousness. She shares the inspiring story of The One Command and how it changes lives. Asara says, “I discovered this simple truth - that you have been designed with greatness for your success right within your DNA.”

Over 300,000 folks around the world have already responded to the new revelation in consciousness that Asara shares. She says, “You are hard-wired for success right within your brain, biology and DNA and in 6-easy steps and One Command we show you how to access that power.”

Asara is a mega hit best-selling author at Nightingale-Conant, the largest motivational and self-help publisher in the world and has joined the greats like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, and Brain Tracy to mention a few in her best-selling programs, The One Command: Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth and Happiness and she says, “Don’t ask for what you want, Don’t wait for what you want, Command it!”

Asara is founder and President of The One Command Global Corporation and creator of The One Command Quantum Success Coaching Program and host of her very popular live radio show, Living in the Quantum Field.

Asara teaches individuals how to re-awaken to their own greatness - it has long been her life’s purpose to keep us in the remembrance of that greatness. There is a great opportunity for advancement and growth from this brand new transformation that Asara brings to the world. You learn to change even your DNA and the very fabric of thought and matter within you.

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  1. Asara – totally agree that curiosity is helpful at many different levels and for most anything you want to consider. Well stated.

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