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To laugh often and much.

My objective in life is to be happy at the end of each day. It’s easier on some days than on others.

Choose financial abundance and make no excuses. Go for and pursue “money”, if you want. However, first understand “what” money is and “why” you are pursuing it. You can never be poor enough to help someone else and attaining the money is really only the beginning.

When given a choice, take the risk! You and your life will be better for it.

It is easier to tear something down, than it is to build something up or defend something. Don’t be so quick to attack that which you don’t understand.

Say “Yes” more often than you say “No” – especially when you are raising your children. It is important to find opportunities to do this. Your life will be richer for it.

Every single day of your life do something just for you, that nurtures your soul. You and your life will be better for it. What you share with the world in your chosen profession, your family life – all of it – will be better for it. You will also begin to notice that if there are days when you DON’T do something just for you, those days will seem just “a little off”.

My Dad used to say, “It only costs a little more to go First Class”. He wasn’t talking about plane fares, but he did mean it when buying tools or choosing friendships and partnerships, or paths in life. That is good advice.

Don’t let your fears stop you! What is fearful to you is nothing to someone else – but that’s not the point! Use their actions as an inspiring example to face and move through your fears. Even if you don’t immediately get your intended result, you will be farther along than if you listened to your fear and did nothing. And who knows – you just might end up surprised! Be clear on what you want from every moment of your life – and then get even more clear. Don’t worry if you “don’t know” everything right now you will. You become what you think about, so think about what you want.

Make your choices and decisions from your own center, not what you think someone else wants for you. Sometimes, “well-meaning” people are really just speaking from their own fears. Don’t take on other peoples’ issues.

Give a smile whenever you can. It costs nothing and yet is priceless, in terms of the effect it has on you and those around you.

Be very clear on what you commit to and why. It’s helpful if you know what the potential costs are, and can deal with it, before committing to your goal. But it’s not always necessary, and you should not let that stop you.

Remember that the only thing constant is change. Whatever your current condition, it is only temporary. To a very large degree, YOU determine how long it will last.

Have courage and live your life as an optimist.

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Chris Kauza is Vice President of Social Media and Marketing at Fett Marketing, a U.S. firm focused on enriching and growing business relationships. Previously, Chris was was the Vice President for Technology and the Western Regions for ACS, where he led a 600-person organization that had broad responsibilities of aligning IT infrastructure and operations to client-specific business strategies. Prior to ACS, he was at Sun Microsystems, where he helped grow the Cloud Computing and Managed Services groups domestically and internationally.

Chris' background includes marketing, solution planning and delivery, business growth and management, partnership development and strategic sales. His industry experience includes: Telecommunications, Financial Services, Manufacturing, New Media, Entertainment and Gaming, Health Care, Retail, Government and Defense-related sectors.

His credentials include an ITIL Manager's certification, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, an MS in Public Policy Analysis from the University of Rochester and an MBA in Marketing from Pepperdine University.

Chris is a Founding Board member of Ubuntu Now, a non-profit organization that actively promotes the practice and principles of peace and kindness, with direct focus on victims of trauma and violence, creating economic opportunities for marginalized and underprivileged classes, and support for other social causes that provide stability to our world.

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