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Truly, we are individuals of immense worth. Whether or not we realize it, you and I hold within our very lives the opportunity to be and do and become all that we choose to, allowing us to act as creators of choice, architects of existence, and inventors of reality

We, as individuals of divine origin, are creating more than we realize! We are, in fact, designing a masterpiece the likes of which can effectuate the future of people the world around. But what is the nature of this masterpiece? It is LIFE, the luminous journey we travel while here. It is in our homes, in our relationships, and among our peers and our colleagues. It is in our work, our energies, and our creative endeavors. And it is by and through our own choice. Yes, we choose. We always have.

You and I hold, briefly and for a time, the divine opportunity to reveal our brightest possible manifest to ourselves and those we encounter amid this journey. But we may want to ask, Who are we when given a challenge to face? Who are we while struggling through adversity or when surmounting the deepest trials? Who are we becoming when we give to others guidance, or direction, or fear? Who are we here, now? And what do we choose to be?

This questioning path leads us to figure out where we are, how we are managing, and what our highest way will be. But first, we may choose the ideal with which to best express that highest way: it is HOPE.

What is hope? It is the substance of man’s highest vision. It is how we endeavor to create a life held in the brightest positioning. It is the path to divine understanding. And it is the sublime character of each and all hearts shared on this planet. Hope, so beautiful, transcendent, and real. Like a young girl with stars in her eyes, reaching out with arms outstretched and embracing life in a dance of vigor, passion, and infinite creation.

We, too, can embrace life as the dance of hope, with its brilliance and transformative qualities. Like peeling back the mask of sorrow and fear, we, too, can sing with passion our own voice of hope as it calls to others on their journey, a song of LIFE, bringing peace and healing with it.

And perhaps the lyrics would ring with the simplest of words:

May my heart, soul, and mind be filled with hope, and may I be one who is truly divine. May we, as lights extraordinary, design our life in vision with hope’s ideal as man’s highest way. And may we be ONE in doing so.

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LEEANN TAYLOR is the mother of five children, three of whom were born with Fragile X syndrome, a genetic disorder causing profound mental impairment and the most common known cause of autism. Her triumphant story of courage, resilience, and redemption beyond the veil serves as the luminous foundation for her sacred work.

She is a champion for hope and uses writing, filmmaking, artistry, and mentoring to teach the eternal nature of humankind. Her story has been featured in magazine articles, online radio shows, women’s networks, and luminary forums.

Driven by a profound gratitude for life, LeeAnn loves serving others. She uses her unique ability to transcend the veil in helping people overcome major challenges and turning them to a path of higher pursuit. She also writes poetry, Celtic music, and is a devoted student of the Divine.

Her writings, wisdom, and works can be found at

For more information, please visit

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  1. LeeAnn,
    Thank you. I struggle with whether or not hope leads anywhere. One may be bogged down by hope, stuck in a daydream. To me, faith and hope sometimes seem like conflicting ideals. They could support each other and probably do . But which one comes first? Does it matter as long as they exist and harmonize? Your essay inspired the recollection of Hebrews 11:1. Maybe it provides an answer: “Now faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen.” Having enough faith in what one hopes for may open the door to appropriate action. Your made me think.
    Thank you,

  2. LeeAnn Taylor thank you your example with your beautiful family speaks volumes. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Vision for planet earth Gaia and all who gather here.

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