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My advice to help you today is to share with you a truth that you need to “buy into” in order to reach your dreams.

Success is something that happens by turning a wheel a little bit at a time. To turn the wheel you need strong people and smart people, night owls and early birds, starters and finishers… all working together.

I’m a great networker. I am not great at working out all the detail after detail needed sometimes to get a great idea executed. I had to find my polar opposite in order to be successful.

You will need to overcome several challenges. Do you have the right team? What are your strengths and who on your team does the things you struggle with, the things you dislike doing?

Speaking of challenges, how is your faith? There are churchgoers – people who say they’re religious, and this may be controversial, but being religious and having faith are two completely different things.

When times get tough do you have the strength to exchange your life for whatever God you speak to and can you let Him lead your path? Can you be happy with the path no matter where it leads you?

A great leader needs to be able to find the silver lining in every dark cloud. A great leader needs to be calm in the face of the storm. A great leader understands that sometimes a bad thing can be the best thing that happens to you if you accept it. If you accept that, then what is, is.

Do you have a focused plan? Is your team (or are you) working for a passion, for a unified goal or are you working for a paycheck? Money and being happy can work hand in hand but only if you’ve followed your heart.

Also if you are working on several unrelated projects you may find that it is hard to succeed as well. Ask yourself, “Am I passionate about this project?”, “Does this contribute to the financial objectives of my company?”, and “Can my company be great at doing what we’re doing?” – yes to all three and you are headed in the right direction.

Finally, for you dads out there, my final suggestion is for you to be the man you want your boys to be, and the man you want your daughters to marry. Who you are to your children can be the greatest measure of your success.

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Craig's unstoppable combination of hard work, a little luck, and lots of creativity have sparked a unique ingenuity and vision that drive the success of both companies he leads: Listen Up Español and its sister enterprise, Revenue Enhancement Consultants (REC).

Listen Up Español is the hugely successful near-shore Spanish-language call center serving the U.S. Hispanic DRTV market – recently expanded to 500 seats and 1,000+ agents. REC offers innovative programs to help DR merchants, service providers and affiliates boost sales and revenues, both online and offline. Craig's expertise in maximizing the sales process – and LUE's impressive track record of higher conversion rates and average order value than any other Spanish-language call center – was achieved from the ground up, having started his professional career in door-to-door sales and rising through the ranks in several call centers.

A respected consultant for hundreds of different products and services in almost every category, he has also contributed articles to Response Magazine, eRetailer and DM News on how to effectively increase revenue and profitability.

Craig served in the U.S. Army, and studied music as a vocal major in college. These days, his passions include his four brilliant children, Drew, age 14, Zachary, age 13, Rebekah, age 10, and Allyson, age 8, playing basketball, and his love for music which is often displayed as one-half of the infamous "hip-pop" duo, CRGruve.

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