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Look at the shining sun, listen to the singing water, feel the unpredictable wind. Are those ever completely still? Not really. They are in fact always in movement, always flowing. Anything that is alive is always moving and changing. And so are you.

Whatever your circumstances are, they are already changing, right now. And in what direction? That depends entirely on you. Every single thought that crosses your mind, every single action you take is the foundation of who you will be right around the corner.

That’s why, whatever you are feeling today, remember that you are already becoming somebody else, moving in the direction you choose through the thoughts and actions you perform now, right now.

Most of our frustrations in life arise when we try to block, stop or go against the natural ever-changing flow of life. That is in fact the opposite of creativity. As an artist I have learnt that the essence of creativity is flowing with your own soul and nature.

You are a beautiful whisper of the earth, whose natural behaviour is to explore, to learn, to experience, to engage, to change, to evolve.

We often attempt to block this process by for example wishing for a person never to change (because we like that person right as he/she is today), by wishing for us never to change (because we fear the consequences of change), by wishing to control the flow of life and set it exactly as we like it today and keep it that way forever.

The fact is, thats not possible. And the more we try in that direction the more unhappy we feel because we are fighting against something much larger and bigger and powerful than us, life.

The answer to this challenge is in recognizing our true nature and flowing with it. When we understand that every single part of us, from our smallest cells to our deepest thoughts are constantly changing, we can then relax and enjoy our true nature, swimming along with it and discovering the amazing variety, richness and infinite joy we can find all around us when we are truly there engaged with what is going on at every moment.

Some people fear that love and other valuable things are in danger because of this everchanging reality of life. It is in fact the opposite. Those things that are rigid and never move are the ones that crack and break easily. Those that flow and move continuously are also the ones that are most resilient and last longer. Start looking around, reconnect with life, from the trees to the skycrapers, all of them move to adapt to the winds or the earthquakes. Love is also movement and only in movement it can thrive, grow and last.

By realizing that like the wind, like the trees, like the sun, you are constantly evolving and flowing, second by second, you will discover that every one of those moments is different and full of amazing opportunities and joy that are right there for you to interact with.

You are an artist. Yes. You are. Because your life is your art, and if you truly engage with it, your life itself will be the most beautiful artistic work you will have ever seen.

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Javier Ideami is an award winning multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur who has been blending art and technology for years through his artistic creations, technology ventures and other innovative projects around the world. Being passionate about education, his creativity and art masterclasses have been successful in many countries. His energy, knowledge, passion and enthusiasm have made him a successful motivational speaker, team building event organizer and tutor for a variety of events. He believes strongly that every human being is an artist of life, a miracle whose potential is only limited by our imagination. 

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