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Improve Your Attitude, Improve Your Life!

Changing and improving our attitude can help us change the way we see and do things. I have learned that a positive mental attitude is far more important than aptitude to succeed in life. I also learned that it is not easy at first because we all have been conditioned since we were born to see and do things and in many cases to think a certain way. But with practice we can improve our attitude. Here are my top ten tips to build and maintain a positive mental attitude: 1. Stay away from negative and pessimistic people. 2. Do…

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Adapting To Trials

During the course of our lives, each of us will undergo some major trial, the nature of which is immaterial, for each ordeal carries a weight that can only be measured by the one who bears it. My trial began in the summer of 1954, when I was stricken with polio. I don't remember much of the day on which polio entered my life, other than that that was the last time I was able to walk under my own power. I was hospitalized until the initial thrust of the attack, which paralyzed me from the neck down, subsided. After which,…

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Bouncing with Style: Confidence Builds in Chunks

No, I am not talking about Chunky Monkey or Rocky Road Ice Cream. I am talking about the way confidence is built after a blow, a series of blows or just plain life disaster. When life runs you over like an out of control ice cream truck at a local park knocking over patrons and passerby alike, you have to recover. It doesn't matter if the truck was aiming for you. Good people get knocked down all the time. For some of us that means burying a loved one, moving on from divorce, losing a home or recovering from financial…

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The Path You Need to Live in the Flow

Look at the shining sun, listen to the singing water, feel the unpredictable wind. Are those ever completely still? Not really. They are in fact always in movement, always flowing. Anything that is alive is always moving and changing. And so are you. Whatever your circumstances are, they are already changing, right now. And in what direction? That depends entirely on you. Every single thought that crosses your mind, every single action you take is the foundation of who you will be right around the corner. That's why, whatever you are feeling today, remember that you are already becoming somebody…

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The one thing constant about life is change. Just when we think we've figured out how to make life work, often we are thrown an opportunity to grow in a different direction. It's our ability to adapt that makes the difference between a life of frustration or excitement. Nature is our best example of adaptability. Dogs know when to shed their excess fur without someone telling them to do so. Birds know when to fly south for the winter. Squirrels know when to gather and store nuts. If the cold weather comes early one year, Nature adapts without thinking about…

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