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Life is full of light and darkness – in every moment you have a choice as to which force you will add to.

When you walk into a dark room, you turn on a light so you can see. In the same way, you can turn on your inner light to reduce or eliminate the non-physical darkness around you.

When you need to drive somewhere at night, you turn your headlights on to light your way. Similarly, you can learn to let your inner guidance lead you.

Darkness exists in selfishness, rage and sadness. It exists in sickness, mean-heartedness and cold attitudes. It is the outcome that occurs when we aren’t nurturing our innate spirituality, when we are taking things for granted and when we are too busy chasing the “things” we want, all the while missing the important things and people we already have.

Now is when we should take the time to bring lightness inward so we can shine it outward. Until it is within us, we cannot make a real contribution to the world. It is by letting our light shine bright that we increase the brightness of the planet.

Darkness and light are opposite forces, so to reduce or eliminate the darkness in our lives, it becomes necessary to bring in more light. We can do this by looking at what light means to each of us. For me, light means beauty, warmth, illumination, enlightenment, healing energy, empowerment, inspiration and love. What does light mean to you?

When a person is full of light, it is easy to pick up on their vibrant attitude, their passion for life and the love and warmth that pours out of them.

Everyday, I strive to be full of love and light because I want to be that person who shines my soul outward and brings light to those around me. I want to be the person who helps others turn the light switch on in their minds by inspiring them to let go or work through any darkness they may be experiencing in their lives. I want to be the person who sees the good in others and helps them bring it out to share with the world.

If more of us were to do this, our world would be full of more light than we can currently imagine.

In this moment, how are you adding to the light in our world? When you feel yourself getting ready to complain, ask yourself whether it will add or detract from the light that exists, and choose light instead.

How are you letting your light illuminate the way for others? Be proud to let your light shine bright because there is no better thing you could do for another.

In what ways are you honoring the spirit that is within you? Don’t go through life putting off what you are longing for as if it will happen at some point. What if that time never comes? The time is always now. Be who you are in your core and express it with vibrancy and passion – then you will be like a ray of sun sparkling for all to see.

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Faith M. Davis is an internationally recognized author, an artist, and a freelance writing & marketing professional with a background in life coaching. She provides Art, Words and Wisdom to inspire your inner journey. Her artistic side has inspired her to create an artistic paper product line called Enchant, which includes journals, note cards, bookmarks and wall hangings featuring her inspirational artwork. She uses her love of words to help holistic business owners succeed by providing them with freelance writing and marketing assistance. She imparts her wisdom by writing self-help and spiritual books and articles. 

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  1. Honor your spirit in order to bring forth more light. Faith – this post is very encouraging. Too often we allow darkness to descend and block out the brightness we all have the potential to share.

  2. Thank you, Faith,
    A simple metaphor that says a lot more than so many regurgitated platitudes.
    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” —Leonardo da Vinci
    “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Albert Einstein (1879 1955)
    “To be simple is no small matter.” Gustave Flaubert

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