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There is a reason why you’re reading this today. Today is the day you are moving toward what is intended for you. Are you ready to step into your power with courage and absolute faith in your future?

Imagine what an extraordinary quality of life you would have if you woke up every day feeling energized, happy for no specific reason, excited about the day ahead and with a big smile on your face!

Today I will share with you some of the keys to a balanced, fun-filled, happy life.

First and foremost, express how thankful you are for all that is good in your life. This will help you reach a deeper state of emotional well-being, and of spiritual grounding.

Set yourself apart from those who live their lives as if it were a rehearsal. You are performing “live” on the stage of your destiny. Give the best performance you can give every day.

Write down a list of your dreams and aspirations. Put a deadline to those wishes. They will become goals. Believe in these goals becoming reality!

Make a large poster with images of what you dream of, with powerful words like Determination, Joy, Love, Excitement, Success, Abundance, Resilience, Bliss, and pictures of you and your loved ones. Look at the poster often and believe that you can achieve what your mind imagines.

Surround yourself with positive people. Laugh a lot. Take life lightly.

Take full responsibility for what happens in your life.

Look at yourself in the mirror and say: “I love myself, I’m healthy, I’m gifted, I am so blessed!”

Affirm your uniqueness. You are an original!

Forgive those who may have hurt you. Let go of judgment, criticism and finger pointing. Release the anger.

Develop an unshakable character, based on integrity, honesty and sincerity.

Be a constant learner. Read inspiring stories. Watch uplifting movies. Remain vigilant of what you feed your mind.

Keep a healthy lifestyle.

Lend a hand to the less fortunate. Donate your time and your resources to those who face adversity.

Take time every day to pray or meditate. Watch a sunrise, a sunset or a star gazed, moonlit sky. Bathe yourself in divine light.

Write in your journal five things you’re thankful for each day.

True happiness comes from within. Make yourself happy. It is no one else’s responsibility.

Love deeply. Love every living creature. Make love the driving force in your life.

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Mimi Gabriel has dedicated more than 15 years studying human behavior in order to help herself as well as others reach emotional, physical and spiritual balance in their life. She has studied with many masters, mentors and philosophers in the field of personal development. Mimi has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Europe, South America and North America. She lives in Hawaii.

Mimi's goal in life is to help people reach their God-given potential, with both her writings and her speaking engagements. She loves to share with others what has impacted her life and makes her the happiest woman she knows!

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  1. Mimi – well stated. The one I am grabbing onto most today is to remember that I need to affirm my uniqueness.
    I acknowledge it, it’s time to embrace it more.

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