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Many of us grow up with the concept that we need to prove something. The belief begins early in our lives. Baby Boomers adopted the notion upon starting school, but children today are indoctrinated as early as toddlerhood.

The need to prove worth is implied even before the child can talk clearly, and it expands as the child grows older. Therefore, the pressure on the modern teenager is incredible. No wonder the suicide rate of adolescents is so high.

The need to determine a person’s value is all an illusion. It saps your energy and steals your power. In truth, we have nothing to prove. Justifying can surface in a number of ways.

For instance, do you frequently find yourself caught up in the need to explain your position to someone else? That is a form of justification. Every time we feel we have to justify anything to anyone else, we are operating from a place of fear.

Taking responsibility for your creations is the first step in releasing this need to prove your worth. Worth is inherent. We are created in the image of God. We have nothing to prove. When you gain the capacity to understand your power to create your reality, the truth will emerge. If you don’t like what you see around you, change your thoughts!

As you change your inner landscape, the outer world soon follows. It is hard to own feelings of low self-esteem when you can classify the magnitude of your creations! Every time you realize the extent of your own power, you kick your self-esteem up a notch.

I have to admit that I have mumbled, “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” upon reading or hearing such statements. At those times, the words never sank in. To infer that the message suddenly changed my life would be a lie.

Somehow, however, in the last month or so, the cartoon image of the light bulb going off over my head happened. I woke up one morning and I understood this. If I could identify the exact catalyst, I would share, but I can’t.

Even if I knew, I think the mechanism would be different for each person. So don’t bother skipping to the end of the article to find the magic answer. It won’t be there. The only place you will find it is within your own heart. Perhaps that is the key. The day I finally quit looking outside myself for any answer at all, the day I stopped asking questions, was the day it “clicked”.

What replaced my doubt and has the power to overthrow yours? The answer is certainty! Suddenly, I was certain about life. Thankfully, I now understand that it is mine to craft, and the temptation to ask anyone to assist me is slipping away rapidly. I realize that nobody can tell me what my future holds except me. It isn’t created yet. I am creating it moment by moment in a grand fashion. And it just keeps getting better.

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Jean Adrienne is an author, healer, teacher, and lecturer. She is a graduate of The Florida State University with a BA in Psychology. She developed and teaches the InnerSpeak Process, a methodology for clearing karmic and ancestral baggage from our past so that we can create the life we desire and deserve. She offers coaching and clearing sessions via phone as well as in her office in Tallahassee FL. She hosts Power Talk TV on

Jean Adrienne's books, Realities of CreationPower Tools: The Ultimate Owner's Manual For Personal EmpowermentReframe Your World: Conscious Living In The New Reality, and Soul Adventures, as well as two decks of oracle cards, The InnerSpeak Cards and Reconnecting Soul 142 DNA Activation Cards, are available for purchase on her website,, and in your local bookstore.

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