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My message is this: our valleys can be purposeful and our pain can be productive. These three critical steps might lead you through difficult times:

1. No obstacle can be faced as a worrier. You must allow God to be your warrior.

Remember “If only” (what has already happened) and “What if” (what might happen) are the rigid destructive duet of worry. They are deadly consumers of our thoughts regarding yesterdays and tomorrows.

Replace worry with war. Commit to putting God in your Army, allowing Him to do battle with those fears which hold you captive. If we put our trust in God with our worries spiritually, we then hand them over to Him to resolve EVERYTHING. Remember, worry accomplishes absolutely nothing.

2. If you are bitter, you cannot get better.

Forgiveness is one of life’s most difficult assignments, but the truth is it is not done, the unforgiving heart holds you a prisoner with the dark shadows of blame, resentment, anger, and hurt. It’s like an infection that pollutes your soul and destroys all joy. To forgive someone is to, once again, hand over the responsibility of justice to God. He becomes judge and jury, allowing us to rid ourselves of the bitterness and blame. Forgiveness is not for the person who has wronged us. It is for us.

3. Until you feel, you cannot heal.

Our natural response to pain and suffering is to cover it up and push it away to a place where we cannot experience it, thus denying its existence in our lives. But in doing so, we let brokenness hold us in bondage and we suffer in a perpetual prison of silence.

The only way to find restoration is to expose our “agony” to the outside world and let others help mend the emotional wounds. I know what you are thinking….”No, it’s too unspeakable, too horrific, and too ugly for the world to see.” But you will be surprised to discover many others around you who are experiencing the same adversity. Remember when two or more with similar agonies can bond and turn the leadership over to God, freedom is ours. So remember the 3 Rs: reveal the pain, release the truth, and rely on one another.

For years I wrestled with the question, “Why me, God?” Today, I know the truth: A test can become a testimony. A trial can become a triumph. A victim can become victorious. I now ask, “Why not me?”

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Jenny Lynn Anderson is a public relations practitioner with over 25 years of experience in public relations and marketing and is the author of Room 939: 15 Minutes of Horror, 20 Years of Healing.

As the owner of JLA Public Relations since 1996, she has directed public relations programs for various businesses including her family’s business, Joiner-Anderson Funeral Home. She is a freelance writer for several publications.

Prior to consulting, Jenny Lynn worked in healthcare public relations where she served as Public Relations Director for Willingway Hospital, a nationally renowned alcohol and drug treatment center. Early in her career, she worked for the Georgia World Congress Center as it Public Relations Manager.

Jenny Lynn has served on numerous boards in her community of Statesboro, Georgia. A member of Public Relations Society of America, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Arts with an emphasis in public relations from Georgia Southern College in 1985.

Jenny Lynn teaches Sunday School at First Baptist Church. She and her husband, Mark, have two daughters, Morgan and Allison.

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