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Sooner or later, almost everyone asks the existential question: Why am I here? I believe we as human beings share a common purpose, but each of us also has an individual mission in life.

Our common purpose is three-fold. We’re here to create physical reality, to channel pure love and to experience joy.

In the beginning was God. Or Spirit. Or Source. Or as the physicists might say, the Unified Field. In actuality, we as human beings cannot begin to approach any real understanding of the reality behind the concept, so it doesn’t make much difference which words we use.

God is pure energy, a constant flow of loving creativity and intelligence. Each of us is energy projected by God, made in God’s image. If you think of God as the ocean, each of us is a wave, individual and yet part of the whole. Like God, we are infinitely creative, although we rarely understand our own power.

We are constantly creating every facet of our existence. We create our physical surroundings, and our life circumstances. Most of the time, we create with little or no conscious awareness. Sometimes, we create deliberately. I believe we are here to learn to use this creative power in ways that benefit ourselves and others.

God is pure love energy. In our physical bodies, acting out the illusionary dramas of this physical world, we often get caught up in our individual egos. Our second shared purpose is to become open channels of God’s love into the world, to love ourselves and others unconditionally.

Our third shared purpose is joy. I believe God created us to live in a state of ongoing joy. For many of us, this is the greatest challenge. To live in joy requires that we remain aware of our oneness with humanity and our connectedness to the loving majesty that is God.

We are part of a beautiful whole, yet each of us in an individual, with an individual purpose. We are each here to learn specific lessons, and to grow through that learning. How do we identify the lessons of our individual paths?

One good way is to look back over our lives, and see which difficult experiences we have repeated. For a long time, I struggled with issues of abandonment and prosperity. Once I understood I was caught in my own patterns, I released the energy around them, and my life began to work better.

Another way is to examine our gifts. You may have the gift of a physical or emotional healer. You may be an artist, either in the visual arts, in music or writing or dance, or in a craft. You may be an innovator, on the leading edge of thought or commerce. Or you may be what the Buddhists refer to as a householder, a person whose greatest gift is to live a quiet life, playing a valuable part in your family and community.

Whatever our individual paths, let us live them consciously, in creativity, love and joy.

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Jillian Coleman Wheeler is writer, speaker, and consultant to businesses and non-profit organizations. For many years she worked as a psychotherapist for individuals, couples and families. She is also the co-author, with Joe Vitale, of Your Internet Cash Machine: The Insiders Guide to Making Big Money, Fast, recently published by Wiley New York.  Her essays have been featured in books such as Million Dollar Emails, Volume II; Life’s Missing Instruction Manual; and Meet and Grow Rich.

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