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Life is about passion, finding something to do that makes you excited and gives you a reason to live.

That something can be anything. Too many people are afraid to live passionately because they fear they won’t be successful at their passion. Yes, some people, like professional musicians, actors and athletes, make millions of dollars doing what they love and that is fantastic. Unfortunately, so many people look at them and say, “I can’t do that. I’m not good enough at my passion.” So they give up and live a life that is safe.

But, honestly, pursuing your passion doesn’t mean you have to make millions of dollars doing it.

Think of the woman, who at the age of 50, felt unfilled in her life so she decided to take an art class. As a young girl she loved art class, and always got A’s. Was she going to quit her job and take up painting at the age of 50? No. She still had a mortgage to pay. In the class, she created some beautiful water colors that she ended up framing so they could hang on her walls.

The first day she went to the class she was petrified that she wouldn’t be any good. Once there, however, she relaxed and remembered how much she loved to paint. Now, she can be seen outside, on sunny Saturdays, painting to her heart’s content.

So… what if a person says, “I can do it”, and then it doesn’t work? Do you give up on your passion?

There was a man who overcame his fear, took the plunge and tried to be a professional actor. He went to audition after audition. Some parts he got but many he didn’t. It came to the point where he couldn’t be a decent father and husband while trying to work as an actor so he went back to his teaching job.

Once back at school, he decided to take on the job of directing the school musical and at first he was intimidated that the students wouldn’t respond to him. After all, he’d never been a director. He soon found out that the children were like sponges and it thrilled him to watch them perform. Now, he has retired from teaching and he is a community theatre actor, and having the time of his life. He often gets the lead roles, and he doesn’t make a penny, but he graces the stage with an immense amount of passion.

Instead of giving up, he broadened his focus and learned that he could still pursue his passion, but it just had to be in another way.

So, go on, live your life with passion and find something to do that fills you with joy. It can be quilting, painting, acting, being a good parent, coaching a soccer team, writing in a journal, writing poetry that you post online, playing ladies hockey, old timers soccer, rock climbing …anything that gives you that spark. If you’re lucky enough to make money at it, great, and if not, then just enjoy the wonderful feeling of being alive!

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Lorna Schultz Nicholson is full-time writer who divides her time between Calgary, Alberta and Penticton, British Columbia. She has published over 20 books and they include children’s picture books, middle grade fiction, YA fiction and many non-fiction sports books. Her books have been nominated for numerous awards and her Olympic book, Home Ice, was on the Globe and Mail Bestselling list for many weeks during the 2010 Olympics.

Before she began her writing career she received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Victoria and worked as a fitness coordinator, a television host and reporter, a radio host (she had her own syndicated show called Family Time), a murder mystery actor and a rowing coach. Writing is her passion.

Her websites are,, and

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