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“Know thyself” and “To thine own self be true” are old but wise quotes that have been very important, sometimes painful and transformative and liberating lessons for me. A key technique in knowing myself that is vital to making life decisions that are aligned with being true to myself is developing, listening to and then trusting my intuition.

Over and over again I continue to discover that my inner voice, what I call my intuitive knowing, or Divine Guidance, is always right. The problem I have had is that my head often overrides my gut feelings, that deep knowing in my belly and body, that is directing me towards what is right in my life. My heart also wants to be heard but often is more emotional.

To have my head, heart and gut in sync is not always easy or possible. The more centered I am in myself the more clear I am.

The key is when I take the time for myself to get quiet in my mind, I can actually hear and feel my intuition. Making the time for quiet with myself and then acting on my deep inner knowing is a lesson I keep learning over and over again.

When I do not listen the lessons get more and more painful. Looking back and reflecting I can see that from the beginning I was given the right direction, did not listen and thought I knew better from my head and felt better from my heart. Each time the stakes get higher until I finally get it:

TRUST my Self (Higher Self), even when it may not make sense rationally or emotionally!

I am committed to living an authentic life, working relating in integrity. My true integrity comes from within, taking the time to listen, weighing all the options and then choosing with courage.

Our wholeness is our unique, one of a kind, inner essence, our heart, intuition and gifts to the world. It takes courage to know and love and acknowledge yourself, in spite of what and who the world and others want you to be. When we reclaim and accept our inner self and inner life, and balance it with our outer expression and relationships, we in the flow of Divine Grace. We create and relate with more ease, trust and live our potential.

My lesson is to trust, know and love myself and continue to reinvent my life as a model of success from the inside out. In the coming year I continue to commit more deeply to myself and make choices that support my integrity. This is a step in self-love. If I do not do this for me no one else will. Your brilliance is remembering that “THERE IS ONLY ONE OF YOU IN ALL OF TIME!” You have a responsibility to shine for yourself and what and who you are meant to be in the world.

We each have a purpose. Allow yourself to live your dreams. Have the courage to be your own best friend and act on what you love and who you are! We are all diamonds in the rough, some facets rougher than others, some more brilliant, yet still diamonds.

Have patience with the process of shining and the world will be brighter for it! You are worth it!!

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I am a International Speaker, Trainer, Retreat and Workshop Facilitator, Author, Business and Personal Coach who focuses on integrating professional, personal and spiritual growth. I have successfully worked for the past 15 + years with entrepreneurs, business owners, companies and national organizations across industry lines in "Reinventing Success from the Inside Out" by "Reclaiming the Wholeness of People." This approach opens new paths to fresh ideas, clarity of thinking, accessing their full potential and ultimately enduring achievement.

My passion and areas of expertise include Leadership Mastery, Navigating Through Transition, Transformational Change, Work/Life Balance and Marketing, Sales and Networking. My strong leadership, coaching and communication skills in combination with my entrepreneurial spirit helped me develop an international sales and network marketing organization of 1000 distributors.

My commitment to empowering women is combined with the understanding of personal development and the importance of living and working with passion while contributing your unique purpose to the world. A frequent radio and television guest, I also have numerous articles published and am a featured author in “POWER TOOLS: Top Executive Coaches Put You On The Fast Track To Success”. I wrote and designed the workbook and manual "BECAUSE YOU MATTER: 10 Heart-Centered Principles For Living The Life You Desire".

I hold a B.A. Degree in Behavioral Science from Rollins College, Florida and a Masters Degree in Organization & Management and Human Services Administration from Antioch, New England. I am available for keynotes, facilitation and training, half and full day seminars, retreats, executive, individual and group coaching and teleclasses. My warm yet powerful presentations include sharing personal stories and insights to impact audiences of all sizes with my universal message. I can customize my programs and coaching to meet the objectives my clients.

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