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Each person is a gift to this world.

You are one unique expression of the Divine, with a combination of experiences and natural talents and desires and perspective that only you have. The space that you fill is yours alone and when you fill it completely and joyfully, magic happens.

I know that you’ve experienced this before… seeming coincidences when what you’ve said or done is just what someone else needs to hear or experience at that exact time.

Do you remember the day that I said on the way to school, “I hope I see Julie in carpool! I really could use a hug from Julie!” And as we pulled up to school she was running out of the building in tears. I quickly stopped the car, hopped out and hugged her and she said, “I really needed a hug from you this morning!”

THIS is how we’re all connected, how our lives are all woven in an intricate, invisible web!

So move through your life knowing that Spirit (or Source or God) can move through you, if you allow it to. Breathe past obligation and doubt and fear. Own that your words, your thoughts, your choices… in fact, your whole life can be a channel for something bigger than your ego.

Remember this and remind your own children… because this Knowing provides a whole arsenal of weapons in the spiritual battle that you will engage in every day. Every day, this Knowing will help you make joyful choices.

When life seems to be dishing out lemons, doesn’t it help knowing that everything happens for a reason? Knowing that you have intrinsic value can give you the courage to speak your truth. Knowing that you are part of something bigger can inspire you to be your best self.

There will be many times when you will have to choose between what makes sense and what feels right. At these forks in the road, remember to listen to that voice that is uniquely yours. People may discourage you from certain choices in order to avoid failure or disappointment or pain.

And yes, following your bliss may involve risk and resistance but the price of not following it is psychic suicide. This is a life unrealized, a gift unopened. Don’t shy away from joy because of the risk of pain. I’ve found that it is in struggle that your soul will experience the most growth.

Acknowledging yourself as a gift is the most precious lesson I can leave you. The corollary: that every other person is a gift too, is a close second. When you can respect the path of another, intrinsically different from yours, you will naturally move through life with kindness.

With just this one sponsoring thought, you can eliminate all sorts of drama. And you’ll give them a precious gift as well: themselves.

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Ria Sharon is the Co-Creator of My Mommy Manual, an online community that offers CONNECTION through practical and inspired tips. For coaching on connecting with your children through positive parenting and with your babies through infant massage, visit

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