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Breathe and remember, it is up to you to find your song to sing. “It’s not your job to make everyone happy. It’s their job to be happy. It’s your job to make you happy.”

It’s the same story the stewardess told me when I flew with our toddler the first time. She looked me in the eye and said point blank, “You need to put your mask on first and then his. Do you got it?” I had heard this analogy many times before, but never for real. It stuck. If I am not mindful enough to stay connected to my joy, I don’t have anything to offer anyone anyway.

Remembering that as you become still and breathe, you open the mind to any possibility, you open the doors to allowing. Allowing it in with your joy, your exuberance, eagerness and passion.

You only need to be as courageous as this breath and this moment as you face each fear, allowing the breath to dissolve what is not true. Recently, as I climbed down a jagged rock cliff for a yoga video, the breath was my friend, my connection to the Divine. As I stood over-looking the edge, thinking, “I don’t know if I can do this,” I took a deep breath and heard, “just one step at a time, that’s all it takes.” As I access my breath, the angels of the Universe comfort me into remembering all is well.

Breathe and notice the correlation of the breath and the connection to all of life’s highs and lows. The breath is the key in your most conscious moments, whether its climbing a cliff, giving birth, walking down the aisle for the third time, the first dip of a roller coaster, the breath you take before they put your mask on for surgery, using the breath to move beyond the mind’s limits, knowing there are angels every step of the way, waiting to be asked for help.

As you pause and breathe, you access the wise heart, the part of you that understands you can’t change other people, you can only change yourself. Breathe; summoning the angels of the Universe to guide you with the gentle hand of wisdom and courage, it is our choice to love in peace and clarity no matter what goes on around us.

To navigate through the rough times masterfully and gracefully breathe and connect to your higher self, the part of you that looks forward to life, the eagerness, and the “child like” qualities we all possess. I think back a few days earlier as I watched my son chase his first waves on the beach, his delight and eagerness became contagious. He did not care that he was getting cold and wet; you could see the marvel in his eyes as he reached out for each wave, getting wetter by the moment. His laughter and joy soon had me splashing in the water with him. We were fully present, appreciating and fully expecting joy. There is a miracle to be experienced in every moment.

With a deep breath, taking on only what you can handle, saying no when you mean no, loving your self as is, rather than waiting for the perfect size or number on a scale. Loving your self enough to ask for help when you need it, finding time to get quiet, practicing the joy of being alone and looking within, breathing and connecting to the authentic, joyful you.

Forgiving yourself when you do get lost in negativity, letting go of thinking you need to be perfect. Forgive all others, even when they aren’t asking. The past is the past; it was over the minute it happened.

Breathing through the tantrums, the celebrations and the lowest of valleys, remembering that this too shall pass. Breathe, allowing yourself to be guided every step of the way, trusting and expecting miracles, knowing you never walk alone.

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Certified Yoga Instructor, Sarah Starr co creator, co producer and host of internationally syndicated “Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr” shares classes such as “Power of Now” and “Breathing Peace” with thousands of people in hospitals, schools, workshops and conferences. Sarah also joyfully offers meditation CD’s and yoga DVD’s for all to enjoy through her web sites and live workshops.

I began my quest, seeking solace and peace from my restless mind, trying my first Yoga video in hopes of a nights sleep. As I stepped onto my conscious path I began by taking a look at my issues of self-worth. Instead of playing the victim at every turn, I started taking responsibility for my growth. Instead of asking why me, in the afternoon of my life I ask, Why not at least try? I had nothing to lose at age 37 as I embarked on a new segment of my life. With an attitude of adventure and tenaciousness, I stepped forward into the unknown.

With my authentic self peeking out, I look to allow myself to "be" the love I was always searching for outside myself. As I am learning the joy of loving myself and becoming the person I would like to be around, I marry for the third time. This is where my life begins, again. I open to the possibility of living my dream life. “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” In the afternoon of my life, I take a chance. I quit a 20-year career of managing my own salon and begin to teach Yoga full time. With my student’s request and my husband’s support and talent we create our first yoga DVD. With a passion to share what I loved and without a clue to what we were doing, we met every producer in town to sell our show as a TV program. Not knowing what we were doing became our advantage and each producer like guardian angels, guided us another step of the way, always meeting the right person at the right time. We learn the ins and outs with practice and my husband eventually, patiently teaches me to edit the entire show. With a desire to expand I open my mind to the next step, syndication. In a process of clearing and letting go, “Yoga In Wisconsin” eventually becomes the internationally syndicated TV program, “Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr.”

With a one year old and teen, we take every day, moment by moment. Parenting, following your dreams, being a loving partner and still having time for fun becomes an intricate dance of love and understanding for all involved.

Coming soon, a new audio book, “Be It Live It Love It,” based on my daily blog, including all the tools and ideas that keep me moving in the direction of joy and ease.

Sarah encourages her students to relax, breath and smile, as they become the witness of their thoughts, worries and distracting mind dialogue. "If your not having fun, you're not doing Yoga."

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