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To “inspire” comes from the Latin inspirare, which means “inflame; blow into.” If such a word could have so much spiritual significance, then would it not be possible we are being inspired by God when we fool ourselves into doing what we want to do, instead of what others want us to do?

The reason I suggest this is because only God has the power to blow into us that which is our own nature, that which we were born to be.

Most of the time we don’t trust that, and we look to the world to tell us what we should be. We read newspapers to tell us how to view the world, magazines to tell us how to view ourselves, and TV to see how others view us. Yet we don’t realize the one that made us to be absolutely perfect, is the only one to tell us we are just so.

So why is this idea ‘we are perfect’ so important in the world of inspired thoughts? Because if you inflame yourself with the vision of what you are, by the vision of what God sees of you, then you will notice how utterly beautiful you are in the eyes of God.

When you see yourself that way, you will start to see others in the image of God. This is what was meant when in the book of Genesis, God said, “Let us make man in our image.” Although many people overlook the fact that God is not a man, nor a body, God is the spirit of being that is in your being. And you are in God’s being.

So for today, imagine for a moment that you are inside the mind of God. Imagine also that God is inside the mind of you. Imagine for a brief glimpse that you have no way of being that is remotely similar to the way of God unless you are loving yourself exactly the way you are. There is no difference between what is God and what is you, when you see that.

When you see yourself as the nature of being Love, you are this, in the perfect way of being the nature of creation, the creation from whence you have come.

Only one thing needs to change for you to see that and that is the way you are toward others. You will be kind and giving, caring and concerned for the welfare of others. When you are giving yourself, only to learn that what you give comes back to you ten-fold, then you are expressing that which is inspiring you. You are blowing into, in other words, that which is being blown into you.

The exaggeration of what God is, therefore, is in your power and within your reach. God is in your power and in your reach. As you then reach out to the world, God reaches into you in order to give to you the path of joy that others can walk in your presence.

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Sondra Sneed is a science and technology writer for industry, and former atheist with a secret. All the years she's spent interviewing engineers and scientists, translating their high-minded knowledge for laypersons, she has also been interviewing the highest mind, the creator of the universe.

Her experience as a Godscribe began in 2004. Previously she had not understood her purpose in life and suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, God spoke in a direct message. "Unemployed? It is my assertion you are employed by me," sprung from her pen when she was about to write in her journal. This sparked a year of solitude, alone with a voice from the eons that answered her every question in ten, as yet mostly unpublished, spiral notebooks she calls the Magnificent Means.

In Sondra's year of isolation, God also gave her the original story of the Garden of Eden, most of which she says was edited from the biblical version 4,000 years ago. In the scribed narrative, God reveals Eve's true purpose as a protector of the heart of God, and the breath of life. This is the lost meaning of the riddle as to why she was created from Adam's rib. "As the rib protects, so shall she," the story goes. Sondra self-published the tale, exactly as it came to her, for the Kindle: Relief to See Her Arrive, the Lost Symbol of the Adam and the Eve. It is a story of free will, not sin, she says.

Now, years later, she summons the courage to bring her magical experience to the public in her first book, which is published by Bob Friedman who also discovered Neale Donald Walsch in 1995. Her debut book, What to Do When You're Dead: A Former Atheist Interviews the Source of Infinite Being, was released April 4, 2013, in the U.S. in B&N and on Amazon.

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