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  • Do you ever get the sense that there’s more to life than this? Do you ever feel like you are living a life of quiet desperation? If the answer is yes, listen to the voice of your soul.

    The voice of your soul is your inner guidance system. You were born hearing it clearly. You once believed that anything is possible. But you were taught to focus on your five physical senses and logic, which didn’t nurture the magnificent and magical part of you – your intuition. That intangible source of wisdom was muted, but it is always speaking to you.

    The voice of your soul knows your unique purpose and wants to tell you. To live up to your full potential and realize your dreams, you simply need to listen to your soul whisperings and make them loud and clear.

    How would the world look if we all heard and acted on our soul whisperings?

    As children, we would be encouraged to tap into our intuition. We would be taught from a young age how to develop that ability to listen and know. We would know who we are, feel seen and heard, and be happy and joyful. As teens, we would feel validated in our unique genius and comfortable in our own skin. Our journey to discover our life’s work would be grounded in an evolving knowing of our purpose, passions, skills and talents.

    As adults, we would feel fulfilled in our work because it would be the highest expression of our purpose and passions. We would ignite our Inner CEO to guide us as we tune in to the soul of our businesses and know the easiest path of clarity and focus to make our highest potential a reality. In that joy, we would serve more people and generate abundance for ourselves and others.

    There would be collaboration and abundance: an exponential expansion of creative and innovative products and services to benefit the world because we would be doing work we love.

    We would have vibrant health because we are tuned in to our physical body and listening to our Inner Physician. We would notice and resolve imbalances before they turn into illness or disease. Money and resources no longer needed to treat disease would be redirected towards worldwide wellness.

    If this is a world you’d like to create, take these four steps to hear the voice of your soul again.

    PAUSE – Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and focus on the here and now.

    ASK – Ask specific questions, or simply ask, “What am I to know?”

    LISTEN – Wait and listen. Receive the answers with your inner hearing, feeling, seeing and knowing.

    ACT – Take action on the guidance you receive. When you act on your intuition, you achieve results and your ability to hear and trust your inner guidance expands.

    Your soul is whispering to you right now. It’s time to listen.

    Susan Rueppel

    If you use all the resources at your disposal you can create a business that expresses your unique purpose and passions, serve more people, and have abundant income. By activating your innate human potential of intuition and applying it to business in focused ways you will see your path clearly and turn your potential into reality with ease.

    Your business has a mind of its own. Would you like to know what it has to say?

    Intuition can be used to access the innate intelligence of your business for optimum direction, best decisions, and resolutions to challenges. Illuminating clear, focused action, intuition provides a powerful business advantage.

    Susan Rueppel, Ph.D., Chief Intuition Officer™ is an international Business Intuitive, Medical Intuitive, author, speaker and trainer who shows entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals practical ways to use intuition to grow their business. She engages clients in expanding their vision, gaining clarity, focus and confidence through specific strategies and a prioritized path forward.

    Susan blends her 20 years as a professional intuitive with her business acumen from 20+ years in Corporate America to provide immediate answers for powerful results in all areas of business and life. She is also co-author of the book Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

    Client success: “Increased profits, new services, and laser-targeted branding are just a few of the benefits that have come from working with Susan. She revealed insights on rebranding and repackaging my existing services and new potential markets to focus on... providing more comprehensive and value-based service packages for my clients. This one insight doubled my income in one year!” ~ Tania von Allmen

    Susan offers Intuitive Business Accelerator services and Ignite Your Inner CEO Intuition Development programs. She has a private practice in Sacramento, California and serves clients around the world via Skype. See her website,, for more information.

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