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You are all full of it!

Energy, that is… we all have access to an unlimited supply of Love and Light to wake-up, shake-up, and inspire everyone, including yourself!

Our bodies literally have electromagnetic functions going on all of the time, keeping our heart pumping, and our brain and body working on the physical level. On the Emotional and Spiritual levels, we sometimes create blockages, allow energy drains, or even let our light fade over time.

Let’s practice ways of turning it WAY up! Let’s create an abundant flow of energy that improves our life and creates a positive impact on everyone and everything around us.

Think of your energy as currency in a “Radiance account”. You can try to hoard it and keep it for yourself (an option, but not recommended). You can play it safe and use just enough to maintain the status quo (again, not recommended). OR, you can tap into a never-ending supply of aliveness.

Through daily practice, you’ll have enough energy to do, be, and have everything you want AND plenty to share with others. Being conscious of how much energy we have in our Radiance account and how to most wisely invest it to create abundance allows us to trust ourselves not to “overdraw” our account.

Your Radiant Mind Account
Go inside. Through practicing meditation, reflecting inward, or doing daily check-ins, we can clear any thoughts that are blocking our energy. It’s like taking the “hold” off of your Radiance account.

Your mind IS your friend, if you free it once in awhile.

Your Radiant Body Account
Move. Your body is full of wisdom and energy resources. When you express yourself physically, you open up and create even more energy. So, whether it’s dancing, enjoying a bike ride, or simply stretching, you can turn up your light anytime.

Radiance does not come in a can of “energy drink” or a 16 oz. quadruple espresso caramel macchiato.

Your Radiant Spirit Account
Once you have released any stuckness in your mind and body, you have a clear channel to tap into the Divine. Oh, doesn’t that just sound wonderful? When you consciously step into your FULL power and come from your highest-self everyday, you become unstoppable. Wherever you put your energy will expand. You can’t help but be successful because you are in the flow of all that is and you light up every aspect of your life.

Here’s the coolest part: once you start living from this place of energy abundance, it’s nearly impossible to turn it off! Of course we can over-do it and get tired, but I’ve actually tested this. I ask truly radiant people if they are able to turn off their light. They try to change the look on their face, or think negative thoughts, but they still radiate big, powerful energy.

Once you turn on your Radiant life, there is no going back.

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Tamara has taught, mentored, and coached thousands of people to create freedom and cultivate radiance since 1982. Tam brings her light, creativity, experience as an entrepreneur, former National Team Coach for USA Gymnastics, author, speaker, and life and business coach into everything she does. 

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