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I am seeing an alarming trend of people walking through their life anesthetized. Numb. They whittle away their limited hours and days watching others live instead of consciously living their own life.

They conveniently view others through the lens of a television screen, computer screen, or even a cell phone. With the push of a button, they fall into a trance of being a voyeur in the life of another and justify this as living.

I want to shake them, “Wake up! Do you know how many people are waiting for YOU to fully show up in your life? You precious human being, with your unique gifts, talents and experiences, were put here to bring light to others….”

This is our responsibility for the privilege of life: continuously find ways to make our light bigger and bolder in order to make a positive impact in this world.

No less than the sun shines above to light our days and the moon and stars shine to light our night, you are being called to light up the lives of those around you.

Think about the power of light. It makes vision possible. It allows us to see things the way they really are. It nourishes our growth. It eliminates darkness. The two cannot mix. When you flip on the light switch, darkness flees.

We each have the capacity to bring love and goodness, joy and compassion into the world. It begins with our thoughts and emotions and is brought out through our actions and relationships.

What would it mean to light up the world around you with hope and possibilities? When you change one life, you change the world

Begin with yourself. Be honest and real. Laugh at yourself. Stop judging. Admit when you’re wrong and apologize. Show respect for others, even when you disagree. Refuse to gossip. Bring value to others’ lives. Be grateful.

The more you nurture your own light, the better you can illuminate the way for others even in the darkest of times.

A famous Proverb states, “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” When we give of ourselves, our light is not diminished. Rather, our lights shine brighter together.

Carve out some time every day to find ways you can build the bright and positive world you deserve to live in. A world of light that you need and those around you need. Each day, shine a little more light into the darkness. Let go of the past and move forward toward your best life.

Are you going to hide your light and live in the shadows… or will you shine bright and passionately embrace lighting other candles? This choice is one only you can make.

In this moment there are countless others in need of the guidance, security, and inspiration… of your light.

Shine on.

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Mollie Marti is a psychologist, lawyer, and adjunct professor at the University of Iowa Department of Psychology who speaks internationally on leadership resilience, life design, servant mentorship, and business ethics. She brings years of experience in coaching a prestigious list of clients, including Olympians and business elites, to her mission of mentoring leaders to thrive and serve.

Her book, Walking with Justice: Uncommon Lessons from One of Life's Greatest Mentors, introduces servant mentor Judge Max Rosenn and his unique life philosophy that it is our service to humanity that defines the quality of our life. Ten percent of book profits go to support the Community Resiliency Project.

Mollie lives with her husband, three children, and large family of pets on an apple orchard in scenic northeast Iowa.

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