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All you want is happiness. Deep down, you long to reach a state of mind that’s completely unburdened by conflict and suffering. The desire to find this inner harmony is universal. It is the motivation behind everyone’s actions. This common drive and ultimate goal is what makes you equal to everybody else. It is also what makes you absolutely innocent.

Happiness results from the perception of harmony. This harmony you seek comes in two flavors: harmony with yourself and harmony with the world. Harmony with yourself is the belief that you are good, worthy, and lovable. Harmony with the world is your need to feel safe and connected. It is also your soul’s natural yearning to exist in a meaningful and fair universe.

Most of us had a pristine taste of this sense of existential harmony as small children. Before we became burdened with a sad, acquired worldview, we had no issues with ourselves or with others. We didn’t judge or label ourselves, so we embraced ourselves and others unconditionally. Unaware of our mortality and of the perilous circumstances of life in a body, we enjoyed a profound sense of safety. Amazed by the wonders of our new world, every day was filled with discovery and meaning.

Sooner or later, for everyone, the paradise of early childhood is eaten away by the parasite of the erroneous and negative concepts and beliefs that infiltrate our minds. We try to recapture a sense of harmony in the midst of this temporary and chaotic dream. Every day, we go out there trying to prove ourselves worthy of our own self-embrace. We seek countless signs of approval from others and from society, just so we can earn back our own love. We also struggle and ultimately fail to find safety, fairness, connection, and meaning within the collectively shared illusion of a temporary and arbitrary existence.

Our general failure to find true, lasting happiness comes from looking for it in all the wrong places. Happiness based on what’s temporary and arbitrary is forever elusive, while happiness based on eternal truth is forever. The harmony we struggle every day to recreate actually has never left us. What we naturally perceived as small children is still there; it always has been, and always will be.

Our deeper reality is we are eternal, innocent, and flawless spiritual beings. We are forever lovable, forever connected, forever safe. We exist in a universe filled with fairness and meaning deeper than we can currently conceive. We are equal to each other in what’s real and permanent, while we differ from each other only in temporary and ultimately meaningless ways. The path to happiness is not an external path of validation, but an internal journey of realization. All you need to do is awaken to the magnificent truths of our existence and the harmony and happiness you so deeply long for will forever be yours.

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DANIEL PARMEGGIANI was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and moved to the United States when he was 12 years old. Growing up in a household traumatized by the violent death of his older brother, and caught between two radically different parental worldviews, young Daniel often felt guilty, isolated and depressed. Finally, at age 17, after failing to find relief in either religion or psychoanalysis, he experienced a profoundly cathartic vision of self-forgiveness and self-love. Feeling it was his responsibility to present this important spiritual message to the world in a ‘real’ and unpretentious way, Daniel decided to write his first book, The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence. Earlier in life, Daniel spent 10 years working successfully in the field of computer science. He then went on to become a day-trader in the stock market, which he continues to this day. He says this exciting but risky lifestyle is very spiritually purifying, as it has taught him how to live completely in the moment without material attachment. He currently lives in Pompano Beach, Florida, with his wife, Susan, and their dog, Chewy.

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  1. Daniel, how many times am I going wonder – how many ways can so many of us say the same thing? I wonder too, so frequently, what it is that draws us to that same message when different words are used or a different person saying it? Your words have certainly touched my soul. They are beautifully executed and their fine tuning leaves one in no doubt of their absolute truth. Good luck with your book – I know it will go far and inspire many. I hope you are blessed with the happiness in your life that you have clearly worked so diligently to achieve.
    The number of younger people now casting their light must be celebrated for it is you and your children who will be left to bring our precious earthly dwelling back into equilibrium.


  2. Susan thank you for your thoughtful words. I agree that more and more of us are speaking the same language and spreading the same wake up call to humanity, and that’s very encouraging. I hope my particular version of this message strikes a chord and contributes to this all-important mission.

    Many blessings,

  3. Usually “Happiness comes from within” is a very common reply but in your article I find some deeper wisdom.

  4. I like your poetic style of writing and the descriptive words that you use.Very powerful and comes at the same time as I have been questioning what it is to be happy – thank you

    1. You’re most welcome Michelle! Finding true, lasting happiness is our ultimate goal, and anything that sheds some light on that magnificent quest is invaluable. I am therefore very glad if my words were of value to you 🙂

  5. I do wonder how this applies to those whose sole purpose in life seems to be to destroy all around them who do not adhere to their beliefs – not only people but their houses, their buildings, irreplaceable ancient historic architecture – a scorched earth policy. These are deeply disturbed and unhappy people. The sad thing is they do not KNOW they are unhappy.

    1. All this violence and intolerance comes from deep insecurity and fear, and in some cases a warped belief system. When you are secure about your beliefs, there is no need to convince or coerce others.

  6. Well said my friend
    it’s never too late to experience the innocence and pure bliss of a child , like you mentioned. Have a beautiful day my friend : )

  7. w0w thank you so much Daniel, phew!! you’ve shone light on my confusion. thank you so much for making the effort to share helen


  8. Brother Daniel! You nailed it!!!

    Surely the stars themselves were brightened by your message!!!

    Solomon himself would love this!!!

    How Great is that Spirit which Illuminates each one of us!!!

    Infinite radiant light… Let it shine!!!

    1. Michael I am touched by your kind and beautiful words. But it is Truth itself and the wisdom that created it that deserves such praise.
      Have a blessed day!

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