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Greatness lies within each and every one of you. It’s just a matter of how deep you’re willing to dig to find it. There’s an unlimited amount of untapped potential flowing through your heart, your mind and your spirit just waiting to be released, so that you may rise to the next level. You possess talent and skills that you haven’t even begun to discover, because it’s in growth that you will find true enlightenment. It is in growth that we discover unbounded possibilities, but you must be at liberty to grow; free from fear, uncertainty, and worry. Never underestimating the power you have within you to achieve this greatness.

You have what it takes! There’s no situation, no difficulty, and no pain too great for you to bear. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that on this journey you will face obstacles, disappointments, and doubt. It matters not how or when. True enlightenment lives in the why. Why are you facing this difficulty? What are you to gain from this experience? What lessons are here for you to learn? Who are you supposed to be as a result of this? Every event that occurs in your life is custom designed for you. It’s up to you to fight for that person on the other side of growth or difficulty. I guarantee you it’s worth it!

You must believe deep down in your heart that you were created for a divine purpose. You can’t be afraid to go on the journey of seeking the truth about why you’re here. I promise that you were sent to this earth as a gift, as light, as love. Be mindful of that! Be cautious of the words you speak, the actions you take, and the beliefs you stand for. Be cautious of the lasting impressions that you will leave on others. Be the gift that you were meant to be. Discover your purpose.

There is a higher power that dwells deep inside you, and because you are so magnificent in who you are, the universe takes residence in you so that it may be expressed to the world. Take heed to that invaluable fact, knowing the worth of your mental, physical, and spiritual self. Only feeding the body and the mind that which will nurture, cleanse, and stimulate growth. Accomplish these adorning tasks with love, respect, and constant affection for who you are. Be in love with you, the person you are today! Love and treat yourself with great pride, understanding the great deal of value you bring to this world.

And above all, live brilliantly! Bless everything and everyone you touch. Even in your dark moments exude what I like to call “Brilliant Resilience.” Learn, grow, and become even better than you were before, but do so in a way that shines and inspires others. Show them what true purpose looks like. Because with it nothing can stop you.

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For over 14 years Lena Cohen has dedicated her life to helping others find happiness, peace, and success. As a TED Speaker, decorated community activist, author and highly sought after life coach, Lena shares her knowledge and expertise in a way that inspires people to live their best life possible. She trains and counsels people on how to access, understand, and regulate their emotions; to have a heightened sense of self-awareness to achieve emotional and intellectual growth. With this high level of emotional intelligence training Lena helps people focus on self-development, advancement, and fulfillment in their careers. All the while still promoting a life of balance, which includes satisfaction in the areas of physical health, relationships, mental wellness, and spirituality.

Her distinct level of excellence has granted her access to a world she only dreamed of. Lena has a gift of being able to connect with people of various backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic classes. Her practical knowledge, growing up in Camden, NJ, paired with her corporate experience, thriving in New York City, proves to be special and unique. Although presented with many obstacles and great tragedies Lena persevered, knowing she was destined for greatness. After graduating with honors from Kean University she obtained an internship with CBS and later a full-time position at Inside Edition. She worked her way up from the library to the newsroom, becoming a back up stills producers, researcher, and segment coordinator. After losing a close friend to drug addiction she left the television industry and decided to pursue her passion for changing lives.

She started her own women’s empowerment company called You’re Beautiful Honie, helping women achieve their highest potential for wellness through the healing of their mind, body, and soul. Later she received her Masters Degree in Human Services Counseling, giving her the ability to go beyond coaching and take on counseling as well. After a few years of embracing the idea of entrepreneurship she learned, that some people don’t have the support or resources required to obtain success. So in keeping up with her personal standard for excellence and giving back she established Women Operating in Opulence. A non profit that provides personal and professional development for women.

Lena has worked with the U.S. Army, the Boys & Girls Club of Camden County, The Leaguers, NJPIRG, NY Cares, The Ronald McDonald House, Red Cross, S.O.F.I.A, Project Beautiful You, Zeta Phi Beta, The Women’s Rights Information Center, Head Ladies in Charge, The Power of You Teens, and many others. In addition to the work she does with her companies she serves as the Philanthropy Chair and Director of Membership for National Sales Network NJ/NY Chapter and has been awarded and recognized locally and nationally for her efforts in serving the community. She truly enjoys what she does and takes pride in the change she’s created in the lives of other.

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  1. Such inspiring words from a dynamic young woman! Lena, you push me to do things out of my comfort zone! My year of YES has begun because of you! Keep inspiring others, the world is watching!

      1. As you know my favorite quote : Life is to Enjoy !!! I find that consistently with you. Your amazing inspiration demands continued success now and well into the future. I love loving you and truly love your love and passion motivating others to do the same. As you continue to Conceive and Believe I know you will Achieve !!!

  2. These words are truely sent from God. I thank you for sharing your experiences and growth in life. These words are helping me to see more of the joy in life. God Bless.

    1. Yes Annette! Be a blessing to all! Be a blessing in everything you do. We are an extension of God, so we should act like it!

    1. The pleasure is all mine. I am humbled that God, the universe, has chose me to fulfill this destiny. Honored to bring you this word!

  3. Thank you for pouring into us! This completely blessed me today. I will make it my goal to exude ” Brilliant Resilience” during the good and bad times. This also inspires me to continue living and loving in my purpose! Thank you again for this!!!

    1. Where there is “bad” there is “good” only seek out the good, only give the good your attention. When the negative energy in your life seems to be building up, just know that the positive energy is close by. Work through it, the GOODNESS is so close!!!

  4. Exactly what i needed!!
    Everyday there’s a new obstacle in my path, but articles like this, help me focus on my strengths and problem solving skills.. I’m starting to understand that the true disabilities can only be found in my our own insecurities and limitations we set on ourselves.. Thank you!

    1. Wow…. “I’m starting to understand that the true disabilities can only be found in my our own insecurities and limitations we set on ourselves” These are the comments that make me feel like what I’m doing is truly my purpose! This is an amazing realization to come to! I’m blessed to have imparted this wisdom. Thank you for your comment. It’s greatly appreciated!

  5. What great words to keep me focused on continued self love and letting my bright light shine for the world to see. We all are here for a divine reason and this post keeps me encouraged to keep seeking the truth about why I am here and my ultimate purpose. It also reminds me that I must speak words of power not defeat and positivity not pessimism. Thank you!

    1. SELF LOVE….. TRULY THE GREATEST GIFT WE COULD EVER GIVE OURSELVES!!!!! Be encouraged and know in your heart that God has a great plan for your life!

  6. I Love this very uplifting. People need some sunshine, brightness & something like this to help push them in there lives which your words is giving them. Keep up the gd work & I’m very very Proud of you.

  7. Everyday I find myself struggling with things that only I allowed to become a struggle in my life. This message teaches me to step back and live in the “WHY”. Figure out these difficult situations so I can learn from them and move on!! Thank you Lena!

    1. Work through… live through… learn through… grow through… life. Don’t struggle through life. Life is so amazing, understand that no matter where you are … you are blessed!

  8. Lena, this is sound advice / wisdom for everyone to live by. While it’s not always easy to keep your head up and continue to move forward, your words offer the inspiration to do just that. Excellent job. Keep up the great work. I look forward to more.

  9. Thank you for that Lena. You inspired me to step out on faith and put fear of failure behind me. Such encouraging words from a phenomenal woman. Looking forward to more to come.

    1. Failure is only a figment of your imagination. An emotion that you have been trained to look at in a negative way. Look at failure as an opportunity to gain knowledge, wisdom, and expertise. Look at is as an opportunity to learn was does and doesn’t work.

  10. Such an amazing, inspirational and motivational post. You have always been an inspiration to me since we were younger. “There is no situation, no difficulty, and no pain too great for you to bear.” Just when I feel like I’m drowning in life and is various situations, you come right on time with a motivational life jacket! Thank you!

    1. There is nothing! Nothing! That can stop you. Once upon a time after a bad relationship, restraining orders, and extremely harsh circumstances I turned my life around. By believing! So believe my dear, believe that greatness lies deep within… but it takes going through “life” to get there.

  11. Thank you for writing this! I had it forward it to me by a friend and it was right on time. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of the post– we should all be reaching for our inner greatness. Thank you!!!

  12. Thank you for always being that vessel pouring positive energy and encouraging words. You never know what one person is going through I appreciate your today article encouraging individuals to keep pushing! “Failure is not option” I will never forget that saying! You have always been that friend persevering through any bump that may come your way and!!! Thank you and well done my sister xoxo!

    1. Someone once told me it wasn’t necessarily any 1 thing that helped them, but me just being present, and them being able to watch me maneuver through life. Thanks, I try!

  13. That was so inspirational…it’s so rewarding to see my former middle school class mate turn into such a beautiful spirited women.

  14. Ms. Lena, your words are very inspirational. There the truth, that many of us have not comprehended yet within our souls spirit nor minds. Throughout this world, there are so much evil, & trials & tribulations that many face on a everyday basis that one fail to look, & feel within: Let alone believe within. Thank you for being a voice for many. Thank you for being someone’s source of transition into becoming a better individual. It’s a blessing!!

  15. I enjoyed reading your words so much and felt so inspired, that I came back this morning to read it again! Thank you for reminding us of who we are and who we can be. 🙂

    1. Lol wow that’s simply amazing!!! I encourage that. You SHOULD be reading something like this every day… as a part of your mantra. You have to say it and read it so much that eventually you feel it and believe it!

  16. Thank you so much for your beautiful words. This is the exact message that I needed today. I reached a point today where I just felt so incredibly challenged and overwhelmed by life that all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry. When I read your words I sure did start crying, but it was because I felt like you were speaking right to me. It was so comforting and amazing. The timing of this message could not have been more perfect. Thank you so much!

    1. Hello Beautiful!!! I am so glad that my words spoke to you and all that you are. Don’t be afraid to push through whatever pain you are experiencing and step into your greatness!!! Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability.

  17. What a timely message! So worthy of reading multiple times. Thank you for being so selfless and pouring into my life and the lives of others. You consistently give jewels, tools and resources but each of us must do the work on our own. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Yes, we all have to dig deep and bring out the best within!!! You are an amazing woman … keep up the great work in your career and building who you are. Love you bunches

  18. Be inlove with the person you are to day! I love this taking care of yourself but working towards better!

    1. Today is today, tomorrow is tomorrow. Be Happy in the gift that is today, but be focused enough to strive for tomorrow… that’s greatness!!!

      1. My Love. As always, you reflect the light that God has in you. I appreciate your knowing that light must be shared, but more importantly, it must be encouraged. Proud of you as always

  19. I think it’s awesome that you remind people to love themselves even in their darkest moments of life. This is when we need to love ourselves the most! Keep encouraging others, it’s contagious! I look forward to more post from you!

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