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Annemiek Douw

ANNEMIEK DOUW, MSc is a management coach, energetic therapist, light-worker, medium, trainer and author of the book 21 Layers of the Soul: Healing the Karmic Ties with Friends, Lovers, Family and Enemies, which is celebrating its launch throughout December 2013. You can find out more about the book and receive a free downloadable poster of the 21 aura layers when you buy your copy at 21LayersOfTheSoul.com. Coming from an unlikely background in engineering, Annemiek has always been interested in how people think and grow at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Her quest first took her into the exploration of bioenergetics and other alternative therapies, and eventually leading her to complete a 3-year course at the Natural Medicine Academy South-Netherlands to become a paranormal therapist. In 1998 she dedicated herself to this work full-time. She later fell ill herself for an extended period of time, which allowed her to gain first-hand insight into the human experience of illness, and to learn how the soul is an internal compass that continuously guides. Probing more deeply into how this compass works, Annemiek discovered 21 layers of the aura that influence our ability to grow and to heal in our bodies, minds and relationships. This discovery became the foundation of her unique healing style, and today Annemiek helps clients heal at many levels, and teaches them how to read this compass for themselves. Wanting to share this unprecedented work with a wider audience, she published the Dutch language book De ziel in het licht van haar hogere auralagen in 2011, which is now available in English under the title 21 Layers of the Soul: Healing the Karmic Ties with Friends, Lovers, Family and Enemies.

For more information, please visit 21LayersOfTheSoul.com and annemiekdouw.com.

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  1. Petra Raaman
    Petra Raaman says:

    What a wonderful story. So clear and sober. This is exactly how we know Annemiek. Congratulations on the 21 layers! With kind regards, Petra Raaman

  2. greet12345
    greet12345 says:

    Annemiek wat goed je te horen, het is een geweldig interview geworden.
    Heb er met warmte naar kunnen luisteren, wat doe je het goed!
    Succes verder met de wereld, lieve groet, Greet

  3. Jurgen
    Jurgen says:

    Hi Annemiek, how wonderful to see that you have found your way to share your vision and knowledge with a broader audience. I have experienced first hand how you can balance someone’s energetic well being by “tweaking and tuning” the outer layers of the aura. I very much enjoyed listening to your interview from both an inspiring as an admiring point of view. Thumbs up for your persistence in making your work available overseas! Jurgen


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What Do You Think?