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Deborah L. Copeland, whose home base is Charleston, West Virginia, is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author of the best-selling book, Attitude Therapy. Her greatest joy, however, comes not from her business successes but from her maternal role in a blended "his, hers, ours and theirs" family of eight— including three youngsters adopted from abroad. She also takes pride in her strong and abiding faith and "personal relationship with the Lord," which, as she details in her book and in her keynote talks, has seen her through many of life's most challenging trials and tribulations.

As a speaker and seminar leader, Deborah Copeland's compelling messages continue to draw audiences throughout the United States. The most requested courses, "Got 'Tude?" (I.e. Got Attitude) and "Emotional Intelligence," enable corporations to get better results from their employees while maintaining and promoting their physical and mental well-being. The basic message of her motivational speeches and seminars is that there is a direct connection between our emotional and physical health, and that how successful we are in life directly relates to our capacity for talking to ourselves in an encouraging rather than demeaning way: in other words, with positive rather than negative self-talk.

With multiple "starring roles" that encompass wife and mother, survivor, educator, entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, life coach, community activist and religious group leader, Deb Copeland has her hands—and heart – full. And, she says, she wouldn't have it any other way. Although there admits there are days she has doubted her abilities, she remains steadfast in her conviction that "The Lord never gives you more than you can handle."

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