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Learn how to be happy living on less, from a famous frugal mom in this interview with Isra Albinali.

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Isra Albinali is founder and editor of, a frugal lifestyle and food blog. After pulling her family out of mounds of debt, they changed their high maintenance lifestyle and went frugal in three years, with three kids and one income. The savvy Boston mom of 3 has been featured on Anderson Cooper Talk Show, Redbook magazine, and among others.

Isra has gone from riches to rags and back again. Her mantra, "Happy is free," is now a year-long series on her blog. Every Monday she posts a new 'Get Happy for Free' challenge where she chronicles her path to happiness and encourages her readers to join the challenge with her.

Isra lives with her husband and three young children in Boston, MA. Say hi to her @thefrugalette.

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