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Mark Black has been a professional speaker for five years and is the founder of Mark Black Speaks. He is frequently booked by schools, associations and corporations to motivate and inspire their students and staff. His story of courage and perseverance touches audiences and motivates them to live their lives with passion and enthusiasm. He has spoken to audiences of 10 and audiences of 1000 from Halifax to Vancouver.

Born with a congenital heart defect, Mark barely survived his first week of life. Before reaching the age of two, he’s already undergone two open heart surgeries. Then in September 2002, after waiting on the transplant list for 10 months and near death, Mark survived a life-saving heart and double-lung transplant.

Since that day, Mark has beaten all the odds. Expected to spend two months in recovery after his surgery, Mark was out in 16 days. He was running just three months later and has since run two marathons and three half-marathons. Mark lives everyday with the same attitude, “Go Big or Go Home!” Despite the fact that he still faces huge risks and he knows that eventually his new organs will stop working and he’ll be on deaths door again someday, Mark doesn’t live in fear and worry, he lives life “From the Heart”.

Mark’s accomplishments include: running 3 marathons and 3 half-marathons, winning 6 medals at the 2008 Canadian Transplant Games and releasing his new book, “Live Life from the Heart: 52 Weeks to a Life of Passion and Purpose”.

Mark shares more than just a powerful message when he steps on the stage; he shares himself with each member of his audience. Maybe that’s why everyone who hears him speak is touched in a profound way. Mark’s message is simple, “Live today with all of your heart, because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.”

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