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Sherry Richert Belul has spent the last twenty years practicing finding the gifts in everyday life. Using disappointment, depression, and anxiety as her teachers, Sherry has developed products and practices for celebrating ourselves, the people we love, and the shape of our lives — even when none of those look the way we had imagined.

A twenty-year Zen mindfulness student, Sherry is the author of Simply Celebrate: 101 Ways to Turn Ordinary Days into an Extraordinary Life and Present Perfect: 127 Creative, no-to-low cost, wow-'em gifts they'll never forget. She is currently working on Talk Yourself into the Life You Want: Using Audio Self-mentoring to Find the Guru within You.

Sherry is founder of Simply Celebrate, which is a business dedicated to helping people find more joy, color, connection, and spontaneity in life. Simply Celebrate offers coaching, books, and one-of-a-kind gifts that turn ordinary days into an extraordinary life. 

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