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Val McLeod is an author, international speaker, trainer, certified facilitator retreat and seminar leader. She is also the Founder and Chief Facilitator of Conversations with V! – a relationship management Training and Development Consultant Services firm.

In her quarter century career as a clinical therapist, behavioral manager, certified expert witness and professional speaker, she has inspired change and growth for individual and organizational clients. Val is one of the few certified Level 2 Kingian facilitators in the United States. She's also certified in communication skills, conflict reconciliation and cognitive life skills management. As a human relations source expert, she regularly contributes to a variety of print and online publications.

Also known as V!, Val conducts leadership/management seminars, team building and staff development training sessions for professional, faith-based and general audiences throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Europe. Known as a strategic optimist, Val believes in promoting the potential of everyone she encounters.

A native of Miami, Florida, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas Tech University and Masters Certificates in Strategic Organizational Leadership and Essentials of Project Management from Villanova University.

To learn more about Val 'V!' McLeod or to inquire about availability for engagements, please visit her websites, and

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