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Today, celebrates our fifth birthday.

Since our launch in 2008, we’ve featured nearly 1000 different Luminaries and have inspired millions of people in more than 150 different countries around the world. We receive thank you emails from folks telling us the difference that a particular inspiration made in their life… and that makes us smile.

We are proud of the difference we are making, and wanted to express our appreciation to you, for we couldn’t have done it without your continual love and support.

In appreciation to you, our loving community, we want to celebrate our birthday by giving birthday presents- to YOU!

First, we’ve created a new series of inspirational photos with quotes to keep you inspired. We’ll be sharing a new one every day for the next year, which you’ll find on Facebook and in a special section of our blog.

We’ve also created a weekly digest of our daily inspiration, just in case you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the email in your inbox. You can subscribe to the digest anytime by visiting

Plus, we reached out to a few of our very favorite Inspirational Luminaries, who have graciously offered these birthday gifts to each and every one of you, for FREE!

If you’re already a subscriber to our “Today’s Inspiration” newsletter or weekly digest, just check your email for links to access any gift that interests you. If you’re not a subscriber, just click here by April 30 to receive access.

Update: Our 5th birthday gifts are no longer available, but we hope you’ll join us and help us celebrate next year!

Wake Up To The Dream: How To Make Your Dreams A Reality Now! 12-Week E-course
Wake Up To The DreamA gift from Eva Gregory, author of The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity

How committed are you to making your dreams a reality today? What would it be worth to you to be on your way to actualizing your dreams within the next 90 days? Each weekly lesson is rich in content and intended to be highly interactive. What that means, is you actually take action each week and deepen the learning around each lesson in a way that will help you integrate it into your life. This course is intended to impact you in a way that it cannot if you simply read each lesson without implementing them. It is not meant to be an intellectual exercise. It is meant to be a body/mind/spirit ‘in the bones’ course that can alter your life if you let it!

Extending Love MeditationExtending Love Meditation – No Longer Available!
A gift from DavidPaul Doyle, of The Voice For Love

With this healing meditation for beginners and experts, learn to quiet your mind, let go of mental and emotional pain, connect with your Divine Self, receive inner guidance and direction, feel more peace and love within you, and experience your Oneness with All That Is. No Longer Available!

Tuning In To The Vibration of Your Soul… – No Longer Available!

Tuning In To The Vibration Of Your Soul

A gift from Sandy Alemian, author of WHAT was God Thinking?!

On this 28-day journey, you’ll learn how to de-stress, connect with divine guidance, and finally let your life unfold effortlessly and from a higher vibration!  You’ll receive 28 daily lessons, affirmations, and a highly-calibrated question each day to ask your soul.  As a BONUS, you’ll also receive a short daily meditation to keep you aligned with the essence of your soul and an EXCLUSIVE interview with Dina Proctor. No Longer Available!

De-Stress in 9 Minutes a Day Tele-Series
Dina ProctorA gift from Dina Proctor, author of Madly Chasing Peace

The idea behind 3×3 Meditation is that you can have effective results for yourself and your life in short bursts of meditation throughout the day. People around the world are coming to experience the power that a highly focused 3-minute, 3-times a day practice can have.

The De-Stress in 9 Minutes a Day teleseries consists of 3 sessions:

  • Session One: Handling Stress & Overwhelm and Starting a 3×3 Meditation practice
  • Session Two: Intuitive Eating & Managing Food Cravings
  • Session Three: Pre-Forgiveness & Relationships

TaraGuided Intuition Connection Audios
A gift from Tara Taylor, master intuitive and co-author of Through Indigo’s Eyes

Ignite YOUR intuitive abilities by using Renowned Intuitive and Hay House author Tara Taylor’s Guided Intuition Connection audios daily. Each 3 minute audio walks you through simple exercises you must master to deeply connect with your intuitive abilities. (You participate with Tara – she does the exercises with you and adds her energy to further enhance YOUR intuitive abilities). In just minutes a day, you’ll feel a stronger, deeper, more automatic connection to, and awareness of, your intuitive gifts.

Meditation Toolkit
Sarah McleanA gift from Sarah McLean, author of Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation

  • A 20-minute Gratitude Meditation, featured on Sarah’s bestselling CD Meditate.
  • A 40-minute Loving Your Body, Transcending Your Mind Meditation with Sarah
  • A 25-minute Loving Kindness Meditation to cultivate an open, loving heart.
  • You’ll also get to listen to Sarah speak on The Five Essentials to Meditation and receive access to Hay House Radio’s 8 Lesson Series on her bestselling book, Soul-Centered.

Subscribers to our “Today’s Inspiration” newsletter and weekly digest have already received access to all these amazing gifts. Not a subscriber? No problem!

Just click here by April 30 & we’ll share the details of getting these gifts!

Most of these gifts have a value of more than $100 on their individual websites and all you have to do is click on the link, follow the instructions, and they’re yours- for FREE! How awesome is that?!!! Just remember to get your gifts soon!

Thank you again for being such an important part of our community. We greatly appreciate your reading our inspiration each day, and also appreciate your sharing it to help us grow.

The mission statement of is hanging on the wall above my desk. It reads:

To inspire the world by helping people remember that they are not alone, that they are loved and supported, and to empower them to play bigger in the world.

In the next few weeks we’ll be sending you a link to take a 1-minute survey online, to see how we can support you even more. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Please feel free to share your birthday wishes or your comments on how has made a difference in your life, in the comment section below. Your feedback is what fuels the fires of our team to keep bringing you great inspiration daily.

Thank you again for all of your love and support. We look forward to celebrating many, many more birthdays with you, and continuing to inspire you to remember how magnificent you truly are.

Love and hugs,


Photo Credit: Birthday Cake by Mayoi

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