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Ask, give thanks, repeat. Ask, give thanks, repeat.
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  1. To save the planet we must first learn to love
    I leave my mind behind me as I enter into my heart. Now I am in my heart. Here are no thoughts, but deep quietness. I am infinite consciousness, no fear, no desires, and without attributes.
    In this inner peace, the awareness is tuned to the cosmic intelligence. Everything is connected with everything in the world; all is in this Oneness, as all of us originated from the same source. We may call it God, Spirit, Ultimate Source, the Universal Consciousness or Cosmic Intelligence, the names are not important. What is important to remember, is that each thought, intention and action influences all the others and the whole planet. That means that the future of our planet is in our hands, it depends on us in a great extent.
    We need lots of boundless love, universal love and compassion to help humanity and to save our globe from a catastrophe. There is no other way because all of us and all there is are here and now existing together in the same Oneness, nothing can exist apart from it. We are connected in the core of our utmost being by our Universal Consciousness since all of us are a part of the sole Oneness, thus sharing the same fate of our Earth.

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