As individuals our stories don’t always make sense and we’re often left feeling alone in our experiences- but if we can bring our stories together we are better equipped to make sense of our lives.

Jessica Amos

Jessica Amos is a Story Maven + Soul Docent with a strong inner child who prefers you call her Jessa. Jessa was a deeply introspective and empathetic child who often felt alone in her aloneness. Like many of us she’s had to figure out how to live by keeping her eyes wide open, always looking for clues on how to live. She lost herself for many years between childhood and middle-adulthood, but through the call of her own soul, a good therapist, an honest friend, and stacks of books by others - who were able to put words to what she never could - she started to find herself again. One of the wisest, most profound pieces of advice Jessa was ever given was that she must learn to stay with herself, so she started a website called Stay with Yourself to help others do the same.

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?