The truth is not afraid to be questioned. The Truth wants you to question it, so it can remove all your doubts. Only then can you be free.
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Stephen Edwards

A top national speaker for Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen Edwards has generated sales of over $31.5 million just in the past three years alone and has spoken in front of over 1300 audiences.

Recognized as a leading expert on corporate sales, persuasion and communication as well as business and investing, Edwards's past clients and audiences have included some of the world's largest corporations, including: Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, Merrill Lynch, Prudential, Sprint, USA Today, Nordstrom, Sheraton, Century 21, Brinks Home Security, Remax, Primerica, Pitney Bowes, Coldwell Bankers, Calvin Klein, Minolta, Comp USA, United Way, Bank of America, and myriad others.

The author of numerous articles on business, sales, and communication, Edwards's latest book, Quantum Wealth: The 7 Secrets to Achieving Peace and Prosperity, was released Spring 2010.

In 2007, Nightingale Conant released Stephen's 8-disc audio series, "Your Miracle Life." The program quickly became a top-seller.

Originally from England, Stephen Edwards used to dream of coming to live in America, pursuing his lifelong entrepreneurial vision, and marrying the woman of his dreams. He has achieved all of that. Now he faces his greatest challenge yet: convincing Americans that "football" is the appropriate name for the sport otherwise known as "soccer."

Today, Stephen lives with his wife, Jenn, in Bradenton, Florida. 

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What Do You Think?