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Susanne Alexander-Heaton

Susanne Alexander-Heaton grew up in the small village of Miami, Manitoba. It was in this rural setting and through her parents’ guidance at the family farm that Susanne learned the importance of: 1) community and respect for the environment; 2) helping others, especially those less fortunate than herself; 3) having a good sense of humour to help through even the darkest of times. While in a wide variety of work settings, Susanne had some life changing wake-up calls occur. These events inspired her to start her own company called Motivated by Nature. Susanne is an author, publisher, speaker and FUNdraiser. Her children’s book, The ABC Field Guide to Faeries, has inspiring reminders of respect for ourselves, each other and the environment. It was a nominee for the Alberta 2010 Best Book of the Year Award for children. The book has raised over $15,000 to date for worthy causes. Susanne also speaks to adults on the importance of living a life of balance and living their wildest dreams NOW. For more information, please visit her website, Her book is also available on Amazon.

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What Do You Think?