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Kathy Waller

Kathy Waller, along with her twin sister Karla Reasor, is cofounder of Link of Support. A website that helps both the patient and the caregiver, get through the battle of breast cancer. She decided early on in her battle against breast cancer, that she did not have to do it alone. She and her sister created a way to stay connected with loved ones, even when they couldn’t physically be there with her. The website grew into much more. Kathy and Karla came up with a free video training series for both the patient and caregiver. Kathy’s series is titled "From Tears to Triumph... or everything I wish I knew about breast cancer, when I was going through it.", and Karla’s, "How to be a Confident Caregiver". They plan on adding more teaching videos,as an ongoing resource library on their site. Kathy and Karla continue with their teaching series.  They now put on live workshops, called , "From Woe is Me, to WOW am I", empowering women to move forward after cancer, with dignity and grace. Kathy and Karla knew from the beginning of this venture, that they wanted to give back financially somehow as well. Kathy shares her inspiring story here in the Today’s Brilliance section. From this story grew the, “We Give Dots Back Foundation”. Supporting women financially through the breast reconstruction process after bilateral mastectomy.

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What Do You Think?