The mark I will leave on this earth will be a positive mark for others to follow and to share.

Debbi Haskins

I began writing at a very young age; it came very naturally to me and in public school I won numerous public speaking contests and short story contests. I was told that I wrote from the heart and I had a talent for reaching out to people and offering help and hope in my words.

Later in life I wrote a column of the Fort Lauderdale paper speaking on the hardships of homelessness and ways to budget. Basically it was a last ditch effort to help those who were lost and had no one else around them that did care. I loved working with the Salvation Army in Fort Lauderdale, and with the people who needed to know that I did care.

Now in this stage of my life, I have begun a new chapter with my struggles living with RSD/CRPS and all that goes with that. I have returned to my love of writing to help myself and others with my wit and humor entwined into my writing abilities. There is not a lot of awareness regarding RSD/CRPS, so every little bit helps! I wrote as a way for me to help me. In the long run I have found that I have helped out others that are in the same boat as me.

I live a simple life, filled with only positive outlooks and positive reflections. If I can help... I do it.

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?