The key to success is to remember: it all starts with a dream!
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Kenni York

Kenni is a 30-year old author, motivational speaker, and visionary. Her literary works include Ask No Questions (murder mystery), A Girl's Perspective (poetry), Merrilittle: Murder in a Small Town (young adult murder mystery, 1st in a series), Striving for Happily Ever After (marriage self-help), The Girls (Urban Fiction), My Dad is an Army Man (children’s book) and the recently released Karma series (Urban Fiction). She also freelances as a greeting card writer and a columnist for under the title The Atlanta Marriage Examiner. Kenni is dedicated to educating, entertaining, and enlightening her community. As such, she facilitates a monthly workshop for underprivileged young girls entitled "Kenni & I". In this capacity, she provides the young ladies with encouragement and positive messages to aid them in their social and educational development. Additionally, Kenni facilitates monthly book club meetings for various age groups at the Atlanta based youth organization Create Your Dreams. Annually, Kenni hosts a youth book drive to promote summer reading amongst school aged children. As a means of giving back to the community so much of what she has obtained through her literary career, Kenni offers creative writing courses for school-aged children in various locations in Atlanta. She also provides one on one tutorial sessions to help middle school children strengthen their writing skills in preparation for scholastic, writing based tests. Kenni’s accolades include reaching number 5 on Amazon’s Best Sellers List for United States Drama for her urban fiction novel, The Girls. Additionally, during its first month of release, The Girls achieved the #1 slot for Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Drama. As an army wife and mother, Kenni values the family structure and providing her children with a firsthand look at how one can be successful by using their natural talents and creativity.

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