You are magnificent. What makes you magnificent is everything you’ve previously believed is wrong with you.

Cheryl Hunter

Cheryl Hunter is a bestselling author, speaker and resilience expert who has coached and led personal development seminars to over 90,000 people since 1995. Cheryl is expert at swiftly moving people beyond devastating circumstances that would otherwise commandeer their life. She was drawn to her work as a result of her own life path; she overcame a traumatic, life-altering experience that ignited a strong desire to contribute to others.

Frequently called upon by the media, Cheryl is currently featured as the on-camera expert in a Huffington Post series, is a regular contributing writer for several national publications, and is the author of the bestselling book USE IT.

Cheryl believes in the transformative power of storytelling. She has been a screenwriter for film and TV under contract with such studios and networks as CBS, NBC, Paramount and HBO, and she's merged her seemingly-divergent careers around one idea: that a simple story, well told, has the power to change lives. She's parlayed that passion for storytelling into the three TEDx talks. Cheryl is honored to be a member of Maria Shriver's Brain Trust, a select group dedicated to bettering the lives of women.

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What Do You Think?