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We all want to be happy right? Happiness is the goal behind all goals… But how much time do we actually focus on how happy we are and increasing our happiness?

None right… We just do things to make ourselves happy… However, what if you could measure your happiness?

Do you think by you looking at it, and knowing accurately where you are on a ‘happiness scale’, that you could focus on making yourself happier…

But a happiness scale… Impossible right? Well prepare to be amazed!

Check out this surprisingly accurate Discovering Happiness Quiz:

It’s brand new, and it’s been made by my friend Andy Shaw, who is an expert at helping people maximize their level of performance in life.

Trust me this is no normal quiz… I just took it myself. I liked it so much I downloaded the detailed report.

Click here to take this free Discovering Happiness Quiz now.

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Is an Author, Business Owner, International Speaker and Success Specialist who has helped hundreds of thousands of people to get much more from their life.

After becoming extremely successful himself Andy became fascinated about how people could learn the same thing and achieve completely different results. He was also fascinated at how the more a person learnt, the less likely they were to succeed.

In 2004 he decided to look at what went on behind education and personal development. He looked into understanding how a person's mind worked so that it could be altered to give consistent results.

In 2010 he created the world's first thinking language with his Saltori System For Structured Thinking. The system was laid out in his two books called A Bug Free Mind which teach people how to think, whereas all other systems teach what to think. His results are now changing the lives of thousands of people from nearly 140 countries.

Andy believes that everyone is naturally successful and that all people can once again learn how to control their mind, free themselves from life's unwanted baggage and go on to create successful lives.

For more information, please visit

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  1. When I click the link to take the happiness quiz, I get a message which says the site is unsecured and it will not let me in. Is there another way to access the quiz, please?
    Thank you,
    Laila Selk

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