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Afam Onyema

Take Your First Step

One of my favorite figures from history is President Theodore Roosevelt. He lived an amazing life. He accomplished so many big things - he built the Panama Canal, won a Nobel Peace Prize, started America's national parks system. But he received a great deal of criticism during his lifetime, exactly because he dared to do big things. After his presidency, he gave a speech in response to all of those who had been hollering and sniping at him through the years. In it, he said that "it is not the critic who counts. The credit belongs to the one who…

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12 Keystones to Reclaiming Your Happiness

As I looked back over my journey from fear to love, I discovered Twelve Keystones that I had to embody, or perhaps I should say master, so that I could reclaim my happiness and awaken to the truth of my magnificence. Through teaching about my experiences, I found they apply universally. I have shared them here! You are the playwright of your own life! The backdrop for life is like a Magical Theatre, and as the star of the production, we are each free to create our own roles, changing them at will but first we need to investigate the myth, truth,…

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Bouncing with Style: Aren’t You Embarrassed?

"Aren’t you embarrassed? You are embarrassing yourself and your family." Anonymous Gmail and Baseball Mom. I’m going to be brutally honest: the email in my inbox knocked me on my tush as did the comments from the mom at my son’s baseball game’s. For 5 years, I have spoken frankly on the air what it’s like to be cheated on, suffer through a traumatic divorce and foreclosure, and bury my mother after a long term battle with breast cancer. Additionally, my words written and spoken reached over 1 million people – quantified by Google, iTunes and the Texas based radio…

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Forget Criticism – Choose Positivity and Joy!

There is a lot of criticism in the world, but we are our own worst critics. It's easy following the negative path and going down the harmful road. But it's even easier choosing positive choices. My greatest value to the world is leading other peers that have been in my situation or worse and letting them know that "this is our story, this is what we've been through, but we can contribute so much more." We let others put us down so much, but we can make choices to prove them wrong. Life is what you make it. Yes, we…

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Taming the Inner Critic: Seeing Yourself on Camera

By Sheevaun Moran. Now that social media is at a place where you'll find yourself on camera at some point or another you want to learn to clear and resolve that inner critic about the camera. I know I certainly had to and continue to have to do this. I discovered that I have muted energy when using video and when someone is talking to me and asking questions I'm myself and animated. What is your energy like when you do use video? Worried about how you look? Afraid to speak loudly? Afraid or concerned that you’ll seem or look stupid?…

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The Law of Appreciation

By Sheevaun Moran. When leaders are complimentary in their mind towards their group, staff, vendors, family, etc. then discord can be easily disintegrated. The energy of the leader at the top is the energy of all the people below. A thought of anger permeates the entire organization and is just like putting a cog in the wheel of productivity. Frustration energy is like putting battery acid on your computer. Every time you appreciate the person who works with you and for you is like putting grease in the gears. The energy of appreciation is as if you are creating the…

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