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By Sheevaun Moran.

When leaders are complimentary in theirLeader3 mind towards their group, staff, vendors, family, etc. then discord can be easily disintegrated. The energy of the leader at the top is the energy of all the people below. A thought of anger permeates the entire organization and is just like putting a cog in the wheel of productivity. Frustration energy is like putting battery acid on your computer.

Every time you appreciate the person who works with you and for you is like putting grease in the gears. The energy of appreciation is as if you are creating the ability for errors to diminish and fears most people have of not doing something right. Appreciation is like a course correction when the situation is off course.

How to use the energy of appreciation: 
Think about those people in your life who are there for you. This is particularly important when you’ve been difficult towards others. Give mental appreciation for the fact they are there. You may even want to go so far as sending an email or a note of gratitude.

Take responsibility for your responses and actions and correct the energy before it becomes rampant and destroys your organization. 
When criticizing, use an even tone, tap your heart center to be more soft and clear in your communications and do not assume you are the one that’s right. Ask questions and get into the energy of curiosity of what is going on and why it’s not working the way your head energy thinks it should. 
You should look for things that are going right rather than looking for what’s wrong with everything.

The more you give appreciation for someone who is on the path of progress rather than criticism, appreciation energy is going to create the workplace and employees that you ultimately wish to have.

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Sheevaun Moran is an transformational speaker, nutritional expert, creator of innovative energy technology for limitless thinking, she is the author to several books and over a dozen holistic healing and meditation CDs . Her articles have appeared in Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles times, Conscious Living, Alternative Medicine. Sheevaun has been featured on CBS2, KCAL9, HBTV, PBS to name a few. Her blog and radio show are not to be missed.

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  1. Find what’s right and celebrate it.

    That’s a parallel message to mine, which was posted today. I took a line from it for the title: “If trying harder doesn’t work…”

    Should we forward them both to the coach on Dance Moms?

    Author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers

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